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Wedgwood Florals

Floral, nature-inspired, and organic patterns are something that Wedgwood has a knack for. It’s no surprise that even individual pieces made by Wedgwood can be presented as pieces of art because the company has had plenty of time to pursue … Continue reading

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Free Shipping Is Here Again!

Holiday season is gearing up and so is your search for the perfect gift as well as the perfect table. Most of you will be doing some significant portion online, especially with regard to purchasing replacement and discontinued china. Since … Continue reading

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China Collectors: A Breed Apart

Our regular customers mostly consist of people looking to replace or add to their favorite sets. When they want more, or when others want to buy them a gift, they’ll stick to the pattern they have, know and love. Occasionally … Continue reading

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Minton Haddon Hall – When Going Off The Beaten Track Can Be A Winner

Minton is an interesting china company. Now part of the WWRD group, it was once famous for it’s distinctive styles and bright colors. I can usually tell a Minton pattern from a mile away. What I’m referring to are the … Continue reading

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Is There Lead In My China?

Today the news comes of a plate given as a present for the Jewish holiday of Purim may contain some degree of a poisonous substance. The said plate was supposed to be used only for decorative purposes but, as should … Continue reading

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Better Not Wait For Next Year To Replace Your Broken China

Now that the holiday meals are mostly over, it’s time to take inventory. How many Baccarat Massena glasses were shattered by the lovely grand-kids? How many Royal Doulton Biltmore dinner plates became plate shards and how many Lenox Autumn platters … Continue reading

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Five Flatware Patterns That May Catch Your Eye

Readers of this blog are aware that we focus heavily on china and crystal and don't often discuss flatware patterns and trends. Which is a shame and something we will try to correct this coming year. Because flatware plays a … Continue reading

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The Herbs Featured On Royal Worcester Worcester Herbs China

Royal Worcester Worcester Herbs is one of those extremely versatile patterns that remain fan favorites, in the same category as Portmeirion Botanic Gardens and Botanic Roses, Wedgwood Quince among others. The pattern comes in two versions: Worcester Herbs Green and … Continue reading

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Turkey – Themed China Patterns For Thanksgiving

We all have our favorite patterns, some of them we own, some of them we WISH we would own :). I happen to love Minton St. James, Lenox Citation Gold and Fitz and Floyd Renaisance Black (and own none of … Continue reading

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All The Variations Of The Wedgwood Ulander China Patterns

The interesting thing about the Wedgwood Ulander patterns is the wide variance between some of the patterns in this group, unlike similarly grouped patterns such as Wedgwood Columbia. Wedgwood Columbia White and Wedgwood Columbia Gold both occupy the same price … Continue reading

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