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Things To Look For When Buying Used China

When first looking to buy china most people will look to buy new. But when a pattern is discontinued, often the only pieces available have been pre-owned and used. Which shouldn’t discourage you from making a purchase and adding to … Continue reading

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China and Crystal Pieces That Make GREAT Gifts.

Some patterns are chock full of pieces that make great gifts. Lenox Rose Manor, Lenox Autumn, and Spode Christmas Tree come to mind. Then there are pieces that are part of regular patterns that are so beautiful and unique that … Continue reading

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Looking For A Christmas China Or Crystal Pattern? Look No Further.

Are you looking to start your holiday pattern? People who have decided to acquire a pattern just for the holidays have many choices. They can opt for a holiday themed pattern or just go with a nicer pattern which they … Continue reading

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How To Identify Herend China

Identifying patterns in today’s day in age is not too difficult. All you need to do is too look at the back stamp of a Jammet Seignolles plate to see that it is Jammet Seignolles Diplomate. It says it right … Continue reading

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What To Look For When Selling Your China

There are a lot of reasons to part with your china, crystal and tableware. Most often people sell to us because they have an extra set. It works great to sell pieces of a set of Lenox April you inherited … Continue reading

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Top Ten Best-Selling Holiday China Patterns

It’s September, so we figured we’d get a head start on the usual end-of-year “Top 10” lists. Most people have a china pattern which they use all year round. Come the holidays, they use that one too. Then their comes … Continue reading

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Blue Danube China: One Of Many Patterns That Feature Accessory & Gift Pieces

There are two types of china patterns. Some are what we call “Regular Patterns” others are “Big Patterns”. Regular patterns such as Royal Doulton Carlyle and Lenox April for china and Waterford Kildare and Waterford Powerscourt for crystal are basically … Continue reading

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The Motifs Of Spode Chelsea Garden China

Our recent series has explored china patterns which are similar but distinct enough to command their own name or sub-name such as Wedgwood Florentine or Wedgwood Runnymede. Then there are patterns that contain variances that are so minute that they … Continue reading

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The Different Variations Of The Wedgwood Runnymede China Patterns

In the third article of our series exploring the variations of different china patterns, we bring you Wedgwood Runnymede china. Some patterns can best be described as stalwarts including Lenox Autumn, Lenox Holiday and Wedgwood Florentine Blue. Others are more … Continue reading

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How To Sell Your China To Classic Replacements

Say you have a beautiful set of china something like Lenox Eclipse or Lenox Tuxedo. To go along with that you have some brilliant Waterford Ashling and Waterford Powerscourt crystal and Anna Weatherly Flatware. You also have some Christopher Radko … Continue reading

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