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Working With Different Styles

Some patterns are sort of like neutral colors. They can mix and match well with almost anything. This is useful, of course, for building your china and crystal collection and to get the most out of what you have. It’s … Continue reading

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The China Used On The TItanic

In keeping with the hundred year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, there’s been lots of discussion around the world’s most famous and ill-fated luxury liner in history. Which got us thinking: what china was used on the Titanic? … Continue reading

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How To Identify Your Crystal Pattern

China identification is relatively easy, especially nowadays. Just turn it over and read what it says. Or, for older patterns, it is simple to explain what you have based on design, color, trim etc. Not so crystal. To the average … Continue reading

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Ten Of The Most Expensive Crystal Patterns Available

We laid out the rationale for splurging on yourself in our last post. Now we would like to bring to your attention the best the crystal world has to offer. There is a natural tendency to view all crystal patterns … Continue reading

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