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Spode Trade Winds Collection

Inspired by the sea, the Spode Trade Winds pattern features a scalloped edge with gold rim and a sailing ship at the center.  Not just any ship, mind you, but one that played an important role in history.  The design … Continue reading

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Free Shipping Is Here Again!

Holiday season is gearing up and so is your search for the perfect gift as well as the perfect table. Most of you will be doing some significant portion online, especially with regard to purchasing replacement and discontinued china. Since … Continue reading

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Where Is Your Favorite Tableware Browsing Spot?

Most people own no more than one or two china sets. But that doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy the beauty and artistry of other fine china patterns. Some people therefore become china collectors, preferring to own even one piece of … Continue reading

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What Is The Value Of Your China or Crystal?

This is probably the most common question we get on a daily basis. Many people are looking to sell china or dinnerware sets they own or have inherited and want to know how much it’s worth and how much they … Continue reading

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Things To Look For When Buying Used China

When first looking to buy china most people will look to buy new. But when a pattern is discontinued, often the only pieces available have been pre-owned and used. Which shouldn’t discourage you from making a purchase and adding to … Continue reading

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Life Is Short. Buy The China Pattern YOU Love

Are you a bride looking for your first china set? Are you middle-aged looking for something to spice up your table? Then chances are you’ll visit your local china store to see what’s available. Great patterns are to be had, … Continue reading

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Five Flatware Patterns That May Catch Your Eye

Readers of this blog are aware that we focus heavily on china and crystal and don't often discuss flatware patterns and trends. Which is a shame and something we will try to correct this coming year. Because flatware plays a … Continue reading

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Iconic Crystal Company Steuben Going Out of Business

Today brings the sad news of the closing of the last remaining factory of Steuben glass. I’ll leave it to another time to delve into Steuben’s rich history and unparallelled innovation and craftsmanship. The point of this post? To reassure … Continue reading

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Turkey – Themed China Patterns For Thanksgiving

We all have our favorite patterns, some of them we own, some of them we WISH we would own :). I happen to love Minton St. James, Lenox Citation Gold and Fitz and Floyd Renaisance Black (and own none of … Continue reading

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China and Crystal Pieces That Make GREAT Gifts.

Some patterns are chock full of pieces that make great gifts. Lenox Rose Manor, Lenox Autumn, and Spode Christmas Tree come to mind. Then there are pieces that are part of regular patterns that are so beautiful and unique that … Continue reading

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