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Christmas Season Patterns

With the passing of autumn and the onset of winter, it is time to start celebrating the holiday season. For many people, this means enjoying Christmas. Not only is it a time of good cheer, pretty lights, and festive music, … Continue reading

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Best-Selling Holiday Products

We’ve put together a list of some of our hottest selling items this season. While we recognize that you come to our site for the vast array of china and crystal patterns such as Wedgwood Persia, Villeroy and Boch Design … Continue reading

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The Holidays Are Here! (Well, Almost)

On this blog we talk about china and tableware all year. While there are many diehards who pay attention throughout the year, when September rolls around and the holidays are in sight, that’s the time when things really get in … Continue reading

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Classic Replacements Pinterest Boards, Continued

Continuing our series on some of the fantastic boards you’ll find on our Pinterest collection. Stuff You Would NOT Believe…… If It Weren’t True: Check out the $64,000,000 vase. No, really, that the actual price it went for. China Brand … Continue reading

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China Pieces That Should Be Eliminated

Continuing our theme of re-arranging the china world ;), we follow on the heels of our previous post by putting together a list of pieces that should no longer be made for most patterns. Why? These are pieces which due … Continue reading

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My Boyfriend My Ex

We all know what the most sought after gifts are c My Boyfriend My Ex ome Easter time: Eggs and Bunnys. And we’ve got plenty of those, check out our Limoges Easter Eggs and Lynn Chase Bunny Bank for example. … Continue reading

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Looking For Kosher Dishes?

Kosher dishes? Who needs that? Are we into eating dishes these days? Ha, ha, but the truth is that there IS something called a kosher dish and it is very important to the kosher consumer, evidenced by the many requests … Continue reading

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Things To Look For When Buying Used China

When first looking to buy china most people will look to buy new. But when a pattern is discontinued, often the only pieces available have been pre-owned and used. Which shouldn’t discourage you from making a purchase and adding to … Continue reading

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Iconic Crystal Company Steuben Going Out of Business

Today brings the sad news of the closing of the last remaining factory of Steuben glass. I’ll leave it to another time to delve into Steuben’s rich history and unparallelled innovation and craftsmanship. The point of this post? To reassure … Continue reading

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Christmas-Themed China Patterns.

Thanksgiving has come and gone and now it’s time for the quick pivot to Christmas. Unlike Thanksgiving china patterns, which are primarily turkey-centric, Christmas patterns are multi-motif, ranging from holly and berry to sleighs and santas. Here is a partial … Continue reading

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