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Halloween with Lenox

The much awaited event is just around the corner – Halloween!  Are you ready to host it yet?  Have no fear!  Here’s a suggested menu that will surely spook your guests – both the kids and the kids-at-heart. For appetizer, … Continue reading

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Minton Haddon Hall – When Going Off The Beaten Track Can Be A Winner

Minton is an interesting china company. Now part of the WWRD group, it was once famous for it’s distinctive styles and bright colors. I can usually tell a Minton pattern from a mile away. What I’m referring to are the … Continue reading

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Up and Coming Active China Patterns

As you well know, we specialize in discontinued patterns of china and crystal. When manufacturers stop making the pattern you love, we step in and keep you stocked, theoretically in perpetuity (in reality, not quite so long. It all depends … Continue reading

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Which China & Crystal Pieces Will Impress My Guests?

We get this question often. People ask “I have a beautiful china service, what piece or pieces can I add that will turn heads and make a stunning addition to my table”? It’s very understandable, especially if your guests have … Continue reading

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What To Look For When Selling Your China

There are a lot of reasons to part with your china, crystal and tableware. Most often people sell to us because they have an extra set. It works great to sell pieces of a set of Lenox April you inherited … Continue reading

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A List of All The Wedgwood Columbia Patterns

What do Wedgwood Florentine, Wedgwood Columbia, Lenox Hancock and Spode Trade Winds have in common? The all have different styles revolving around a similar basic design and as such, carry the same name (at least the first part of it). … Continue reading

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A List Of The China Manufacturers Based In Limoges, France.

If I had a dime for every time we are approached by customers or sellers looking to buy or sell china made by the “company Limoges”, I’d be a rich man. Folks, there is no such thing as “Limoges China”, … Continue reading

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Is Lenox Still A Luxury Brand?

Branding is an important part of every company’s marketing strategy. As a company executive you want people to associate your company with a positive idea as soon as they think about it. Wal-mart? Cheap prices. Apple? Cool products. There is … Continue reading

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The Next Trend In Dinnerware: Bing & Grondahl Seagull?

It would be interesting to determine the prevailing taste today with regard to china styles. Obviously there are no scientific studies available to come to a definitive conclusion, but by studying what china companies manufacture today, we can judge what … Continue reading

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The Resurgence Of Spode China in England

There's a fasicnating article out today in the UK Telegraph about the future of the English mecca of china-manufacturing, Stoke-On-Trent. Formerly the home and production center of such china stalwarts as Wedgwood Chinese Flowers and Spode Chelsea Garden, the decline … Continue reading

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