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Holiday Selections

Patterns are often made to be perfect for almost any occasion, depending on their level of formality, the colors used, and the general themes in the design. Other patterns are most specific and are better for use at special occasions, … Continue reading

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A Holiday to Remember

There is something about this time of year that makes me more nostalgic than most. I find myself sitting by a cozy fire, reading or journaling, and thinking back to my years as a child. A time in life where … Continue reading

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Great Gifts For The Hostess, Part 4

Holidays are over, back to the usual stuff. They say that do something you enjoy and you’ll never have to work a day in your life. Which would make this blog, clearly, not work.:) Anyway here are some more popular … Continue reading

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Post-Holiday Tableware Inventory Help

So the holidays have come and gone. Hopefully all went well and you’ve accomplished your goals; namely to make it through in one piece :). However, it is quite likely that your china or crystal didn’t fare as well ;(. … Continue reading

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The Holidays Are Here! (Well, Almost)

On this blog we talk about china and tableware all year. While there are many diehards who pay attention throughout the year, when September rolls around and the holidays are in sight, that’s the time when things really get in … Continue reading

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A Review of Lenox.com

Site: Lenox.com Sells: China, crystal, flatware, collectibles and gifts Speed: Normal Sophistication: Typical, professional, corporate china site. Lots of products and basic information about them, well categorized and sorted. Overall: A Comments: Lenox.com does a good job with regard to … Continue reading

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Up and Coming Active China Patterns

As you well know, we specialize in discontinued patterns of china and crystal. When manufacturers stop making the pattern you love, we step in and keep you stocked, theoretically in perpetuity (in reality, not quite so long. It all depends … Continue reading

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Classic Replacements Pinterest Boards, Continued

Continuing our series on some of the fantastic boards you’ll find on our Pinterest collection. Stuff You Would NOT Believe…… If It Weren’t True: Check out the $64,000,000 vase. No, really, that the actual price it went for. China Brand … Continue reading

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China Pieces That Do Not Come Standard But Should

Most china patterns have certain standard pieces, see our China Pieces Guide for a list of them. Then there are patterns that are so popular that the manufacturers churn out new accessory pieces for them every year (see Herend Rothschild … Continue reading

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Christmas-Themed China Patterns.

Thanksgiving has come and gone and now it’s time for the quick pivot to Christmas. Unlike Thanksgiving china patterns, which are primarily turkey-centric, Christmas patterns are multi-motif, ranging from holly and berry to sleighs and santas. Here is a partial … Continue reading

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