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Choosing By Pattern Names

If you want to start a china collection or add some more pieces to a collection you’ve already started, but you don’t know which pattern to get, why not find one that shares your name? With so many patterns that … Continue reading

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Your Most Frustrating China-Buying Experience

In our constant quest to improve our service to our customers, we often ask for your comments on your previous experience buying china and the difficulties you may have encountered so that we can learn from others mistakes (WE never … Continue reading

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Where Is Your Favorite Tableware Browsing Spot?

Most people own no more than one or two china sets. But that doesn’t mean we cannot enjoy the beauty and artistry of other fine china patterns. Some people therefore become china collectors, preferring to own even one piece of … Continue reading

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China Patterns With People’s Names

You know how people respond to their names? Even heavy sleepers will awake at the call of their name while sleeping through the Gettysburg Address on loudspeaker. And how many people feel a kinship with those who share their first … Continue reading

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Having Trouble Choosing a China Pattern? Keep It Simple (And White)

Sometimes, too many choices can be too much of a good thing. In fact, it can often be downright paralyzing. Should we go with black, white or color? Contemporary style or traditional? Gold trim or platinum trim? The list goes … Continue reading

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Looking For Kosher Dishes?

Kosher dishes? Who needs that? Are we into eating dishes these days? Ha, ha, but the truth is that there IS something called a kosher dish and it is very important to the kosher consumer, evidenced by the many requests … Continue reading

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Five Flatware Patterns That May Catch Your Eye

Readers of this blog are aware that we focus heavily on china and crystal and don't often discuss flatware patterns and trends. Which is a shame and something we will try to correct this coming year. Because flatware plays a … Continue reading

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The Herbs Featured On Royal Worcester Worcester Herbs China

Royal Worcester Worcester Herbs is one of those extremely versatile patterns that remain fan favorites, in the same category as Portmeirion Botanic Gardens and Botanic Roses, Wedgwood Quince among others. The pattern comes in two versions: Worcester Herbs Green and … Continue reading

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Iconic Crystal Company Steuben Going Out of Business

Today brings the sad news of the closing of the last remaining factory of Steuben glass. I’ll leave it to another time to delve into Steuben’s rich history and unparallelled innovation and craftsmanship. The point of this post? To reassure … Continue reading

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Which China Trim Do You Love?

When deciding which china pattern to purchase, people take into consideration many factors: Price, Quality and most of all, Design. Now design means the style and motif of the pattern, does it not? Yes it does. But what motivates people … Continue reading

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