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Christian Dior Patterns

While Christian Dior was originally a maker of women’s clothing, the company has branched out into the world of fine china. Their china pursuits don’t have hundreds of years of history like some other companies, but Christian Dior is already … Continue reading

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China Pieces That Should Be Eliminated

Continuing our theme of re-arranging the china world ;), we follow on the heels of our previous post by putting together a list of pieces that should no longer be made for most patterns. Why? These are pieces which due … Continue reading

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Sell Your China For The Most Money By Planning Ahead

Everybody knows that when you drive a new car off the lot it’s value plunges immediately. And while this applies to all cars, some take it on the chin more than others. So if you intend to sell your car … Continue reading

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How To Spruce Up Your Holiday Table

Nothing enhances the holiday mood like a beautifully set table. The crystal sparkles, the flatware shines and the china makes you and your guests feel important and cherished. But after a while it can become routine. If you tend to … Continue reading

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Herend Patterns With Multiple Borders

There are china patterns that have little color (see Lauren Megan and Lenox Citation Gold). Then there are those that are all about color such as Christian Dior Casablanca and to a lesser extent, Lenox Charleston. Herend is all about … Continue reading

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Selling Your China Set To Buy A New One.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to changing china sets. There's the sentimental crowd. These fine homemakers don't see a china set or pattern when they look at their Lenox Charleston or William Yeoward Crystal, they see … Continue reading

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How To Store Your Christian Dior Casablanca Safely

Helpful article on china storage. Fine china is not cheap, nothing worthwhile in life is. Whether you’ve invested in it yourself or were lucky enough to receive them as gifts, you want to ensure your favorite china will last as … Continue reading

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