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Life Is Short. Buy The China Pattern YOU Love

Are you a bride looking for your first china set? Are you middle-aged looking for something to spice up your table? Then chances are you’ll visit your local china store to see what’s available. Great patterns are to be had, … Continue reading

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Five Flatware Patterns That May Catch Your Eye

Readers of this blog are aware that we focus heavily on china and crystal and don't often discuss flatware patterns and trends. Which is a shame and something we will try to correct this coming year. Because flatware plays a … Continue reading

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Which China Trim Do You Love?

When deciding which china pattern to purchase, people take into consideration many factors: Price, Quality and most of all, Design. Now design means the style and motif of the pattern, does it not? Yes it does. But what motivates people … Continue reading

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All The Variations Of The Wedgwood Ulander China Patterns

The interesting thing about the Wedgwood Ulander patterns is the wide variance between some of the patterns in this group, unlike similarly grouped patterns such as Wedgwood Columbia. Wedgwood Columbia White and Wedgwood Columbia Gold both occupy the same price … Continue reading

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What To Look For When Selling Your China

There are a lot of reasons to part with your china, crystal and tableware. Most often people sell to us because they have an extra set. It works great to sell pieces of a set of Lenox April you inherited … Continue reading

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The Most Common Pieces of A China Service

Ever wonder which pieces you need for your china service? Just because a manufacturer makes a certain piece type in your pattern doesn’t mean it will be useful to you. Some patterns such as Lenox Autumn, Lenox Holiday, Spode Christmas … Continue reading

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The Different Themes Of China Patterns

A pattern is the specific design applied to china pieces. However we have found that people tend to search for what they are looking for in groups or themes. Meaning that while they might not know exactly what they want, … Continue reading

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Blue Danube China: One Of Many Patterns That Feature Accessory & Gift Pieces

There are two types of china patterns. Some are what we call “Regular Patterns” others are “Big Patterns”. Regular patterns such as Royal Doulton Carlyle and Lenox April for china and Waterford Kildare and Waterford Powerscourt for crystal are basically … Continue reading

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A List of All The Wedgwood Columbia Patterns

What do Wedgwood Florentine, Wedgwood Columbia, Lenox Hancock and Spode Trade Winds have in common? The all have different styles revolving around a similar basic design and as such, carry the same name (at least the first part of it). … Continue reading

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A List Of The China Manufacturers Based In Limoges, France.

If I had a dime for every time we are approached by customers or sellers looking to buy or sell china made by the “company Limoges”, I’d be a rich man. Folks, there is no such thing as “Limoges China”, … Continue reading

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