Beautiful Crystal Sets To Gift Your Loved Ones

Going to your friends wedding anniversary? So, have you selected the best gift for the couple or haven’t decided yet?

If you are facing difficulty in finalizing the gift for your loved ones, then you can go with Crystal sets. Usually, everyone loves to have crystal sets, thus making it an all favorite gift.

We have clubbed here the best crystal pieces that you can choose for your loved ones.

Lalique Langeais

Lalique Langeais Decanter W/Stopper

This Decanter W/Stopper by Lalique is the best gift that you can opt for your friend’s anniversary. The Langeais pattern came into existence in 1976 and is still active in production. The round-shaped stopper and the Frost on the round Decanter give it a more appealing look and making it the perfect gift material.

Waterford Araglin

Waterford Araglin Wine Glass

Waterford Wine glass is another beautiful crystal piece that makes the best anniversary gift. The beautiful Araglin pattern on this crystal wine glass showcases vertical wedge cuts and elegant tulip design. The stunning shine of this crystal piece is sure to call for compliments and makes it ideal for a wine lover. Not only the looks are fantastic, but the round base of the glass also makes it safe for use, as it saves the glass from toppling easily.

Waterford Castlemaine

Waterford Castlemaine (Cut) Claret Wine

Waterford’s Castlemaine’s Claret pattern with multisided stem and the cut foot on this Wine glass is also a perfect giftable material. Launched in 1988, this beautiful pattern remained in production for 29 years and got discontinued in 2017. The bowl of the glass has enough space that gives breathable space to the wine.

All these beautiful designs of the crystal pieces are best for gifting to your colleague or friends and family.

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Dinner Sets That Make Your Food Look More Tempting

It is no surprise that the first thing that your guests would notice on a dining table is your dinner set. Decorating your table with some best cutleries is the half work done to impress your guests. It helps in uplifting the overall delicious delicacy of your cuisines, striking the other half by touching their soul and heart.

If you are also looking for one, then we have some of the best dinner sets for you.

Fitz & Floyd Cloisonne Peony-Black

Fitz & Floyd Cloisonne Peony-Black Dinner Plate

Cloisonne Peony Black is a stunning pattern by Fitz and Floyd. It was introduced in 1984 and remained in production for 12 years before getting discontinued in 1996. This plate features a gleaming plain white center which is surrounded by the pink and purple peonies and flowers. The black rim at the edges gives it a contrasting appearance, which will be hard to ignore for your guests.

Lenox April

Lenox April Salad Plate

April is a classic pattern that was introduced by Lenox in 1982 and remained in production for six years after discontinuing in 1988. This vintage cutlery piece has a creamy background along with pastel floral arrangements throughout the platinum ring. The visual attraction created by the beauty of this dinnerware will surely help in uplifting the overall taste of your food.

Lenox Montclair

Lenox Montclair Dinner Plate

Montclair pattern was introduced by Lenox in 1949 and remained active till 2004. It features a creamy background with platinum trim around the corner of the platter. The best part of this dinner plate is, it stands out is its ability to get mixed with other dinner sets.

When you serve the delicious food in these beautiful dinner sets, it makes your food look more tempting and also uplifts the looks of your dining table.

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Make Your Every Meal an Occasion with Antique Dinnerware Collections

At the dining table, dinnerware is the first thing that catches everyone’s eyes. A set of exquisite tableware is much than the regular crockery items used for serving food. If you decorate your table with classy dinnerware, it turns your everyday meal into festive feasts!

If you are looking for some antique dinnerware pieces for your dining table, here is an ideal collection for you.

Christian Dior Renaissance

Christian Dior Renaissance Bread & Butter Plate

Manufactured for eight years from  1991 – 1999, by the Christian Dior China, the Renaissance pattern is a part of the famous design company in France. The vibrant multi-color floral design with royal blue and golden scrolls looks exceptionally elegant.

The glossy appearance and golden trim give this designer pattern a classy look. Appropriate for casual use, as well as fancy dinner parties, this Bread & Butter Plate will make your guests feel regal whenever they visit you.

Christian Dior Tabriz

Christian Dior Tabriz 5 Piece Place Setting

A dinnerware representing the elegance of Middle-East carpet at its finest!

Though the Christian Dior remained active from 1991 – 1999, the existing pieces produced by the brand are sought-after. Named after Tabriz, this pattern was manufactured with an intention to resemble the intricate Persian carpets.

This 5-piece place setting with floral design in blue, red, green, and gold is a perfect addition to your table. The pattern looks so detailed that it will entice anyone to come and sit around the table and enjoy the dinner.

Christineholm Romanov

Christineholm Romanov 5 Piece Place Setting

A royal combination of gold and blue!

Manufactured in the early ’90s, Christineholm Romanov provides a captivating contemporary look. The thick cobalt band with dazzling gold accents makes this dinnerware ideal for family functions or occasions.

The glossy white background and the classy color combination look vibrant. This beautiful designing of the 5-piece plate makes an ideal gift item for your peers.

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Everything about Choosing Dinnerware

Everything about Choosing Dinnerware

From casual to formal, we have dinnerware collection designed for every day and every special occasion. You can mix and match different patterns of the dinnerware to enjoy your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Your selected patterns will work together for all your small or large, friends and family gatherings.

As you are never going to set the same table repeatedly, here is the best collection of white dinnerware that can be combined to arrange a beautiful table.

Bernardaud Antinea Anthracite

Bernardaud Antinea Anthracite 5 Piece Place Setting

Bernardaud introduced this Antinea Anthracite pattern with gray marble band, phoebe shape, and gold trim in 1993. It got discontinued in 2007. This 5 piece place setting in the white ground is an elegant dinnerware that can be easily matched with other sets. It will set an elegant and sophisticated table to give your guests a lasting impression.

Bernardaud Madison Platinum

Bernardaud Madison Platinum 5 Piece Place Setting

This Madison Platinum is the pattern by Bernardaud in a white base. The brand introduced this design in 1997 that got discontinued in 2011. This 5 piece place setting with platinum encrusted, phoebe, and gold trim will set a classy table for you. As the dinner set is white-colored, matching it with other sets would also not be tough.

Ceralene Festivite

Ceralene Festivite Flat Cup & Saucer Set

Festivite pattern by Ceralene was introduced in 1986 that got out of production in 1996, after remaining active for 10 years. With green accents and garland, this beautiful pattern becomes ideal for all special occasions. It can even be mixed with any of the white dinnerware to serve big gatherings.

Be it a small or large gathering of your friends or family, all these beautiful designs in the white base are sure to set the mood of any occasion.

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Make Your Dining Table Look Elegant With Wedgewood Dinnerware

A beautiful dinnerware not only adds charm to the dining table but also sets your mood for a delightful dining experience. So it is essential to invest some time in finding the best dinner set for your kitchen closet.

Here are some of the antique dinnerware collections from Wedgwood for you.

Wedgwood Dinnerware Collection

Wedgwood has created dinnerware in many beautiful patterns. Some of the antique pieces are listed below:

Wedgwood Runnymede Blue

Wedgwood Runnymede-Blue Dinner Plate

Wedgwood Company continued the production of this beautiful pattern for 26 years from 1972 to 1998. This lovely pattern got its name from the place where Magna Carta was sealed in 1215 by King John of England. Runnymede is the name of a meadow alongside Thames River in Surrey, England.

The blue band, white background, pink, and blue colored borders give this dinner plate a classy look. It is an ideal piece of dinnerware for formal, as well as special occasions.

Wedgwood Ulander Powder Blue

Wedgwood Ulander-Powder Blue 5 Piece Place Setting

Ulander Powder Blue is truly an incredible design and a part of Prestige collection of Wedgwood England. It came into existence in 1927 and is still in production. Known for its durability, this pattern was used by the former president Theodore Roosevelt at the White House.

The light blue rims and golden bands on the white-colored base of this 5 piece place setting give it a graceful look. This elegant dinner set can be made a part of your dining table on festive occasions or get together.

Wedgwood Whitehall White Rim

Wedgwood Whitehall-White Rim 5 Piece Place Setting

Produced for more than two decades, from 1957 to 1979, the Whitehall White rim pattern is another intricate design from the Wedgwood England. This 5 piece plate setting with beautiful white and gold combination is ideal for special occasions or a fancy lunch.

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Table Takes Centre Stage with Wedgwood Dinnerware

Your dining table becomes the centre of attraction when you set it in style with the beautiful dinnerware. The decorated tableware is much more than crockery used for serving food. It makes your meals look more tempting and also sets the mood of the place while giving the best dining experience.

While selecting a new dinnerware, invest time in finding the right dinner set. As you get an opportunity to purchase the one that lets you enjoy your meals or dishes for years to come.

Are you also looking for an ideal dinnerware that meets your taste? Here is the ideal collection of Wedgwood dinnerware for you!

About Wedgwood

Wedgwood is an England based company, founded by Josiah Wedgwood in 1759. He started it as an independent potter. It was his innovation and creativity that made him popular as “Father of English Potters.” He created the best earthenware for Queen Charlotte, and got styled himself as “Potter to Her Majesty.” Wedgwood also created pieces for Catherine the Great of Russia, and Queen Elizabeth II.

Wedgwood Dinnerware Collection

Wedgwood has created many unique and beautiful patterns. Some of his works are listed here:

Wedgwood Grosgrain

Wedgwood Grosgrain Rice Bowl & Lid

This simple and sophisticated pattern was introduced by the brand in 2000 and is still in production. The pattern with platinum rings, trim and dots make this Rice Bowl & Lid an ideal piece for your everyday use or formal occasions.

Wedgwood India

Wedgwood India 5 Piece Place Setting

With Tan and Black bands on cream base and floral spray, Wedgwood introduced India pattern in 1996. The vibrant design got out of production in 2019. The beautiful designing of this 5 Piece Place Setting makes it a perfect gift material. You can also make it a part of your special occasions.

Wedgwood Kutani Crane

Wedgwood Kutani Crane Rim Soup Bowl

The Kutani Crane pattern was introduced in 1971 and got discontinued in 1998. Its beautiful design on bona chine Rim Soup Bowl features two cranes nested on bamboo and also has floral detailing.  The design represents a meaningful symbolism. As in many Asian cultures, the crane is linked with longevity, prosperity, and good fortune.

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White Dinnerware for Formal Occasions

Whether the dinnerware has some designs and pattern on the white base or is entirely white, it is ideal for any formal occasion. Based on its creation or prints, it can even be used at a casual party. The choice is yours!

Being white in the base, it also keeps you care-free about getting a matching table setting that goes well with the decor of the dining room or tabletop. If you are also looking for the one for your formal event then here is the top collection for you.

Wedgwood Columbia White (Center Medallion, Green Trim)

Wedgwood Columbia (W595) 5 Piece Place Setting

Josiah Wedgewood, the founder of the Wedgewood Company, launched the Columbia White pattern in 1924 that remained active for many years and then got discontinued in the year 1997. This 5 Piece Place Setting with yellow griffons and floral on a white base, when decorated on table space, sets the mood of the formal occasion.

Wedgwood Cornucopia

Wedgwood Cornucopia 5 Piece Place Setting

This is another beautiful print on a white base that can instantly uplift the mood of your guests at the formal party. Cornucopia pattern with cobalt, blue and tan colored designing was launched by the brand in 1995 and is still in production. The design from the mythical “Horn of Plenty” features legendary creatures like satyrs and unicorns.

This fine bone china 5 Piece Place Setting when mixed with the other pieces of the collection, it displays a perfect formal dinner setting.

Wedgwood Countryware

Wedgwood Countryware 5 Piece Place Setting

The all-white Countryware pattern by Wedgewood with embossed leaves and no trim is the most sophisticated design that makes it perfect for a formal occasion. This elegant design of the dinnerware came into existence in 1970 and remained active till 2006.

The beautiful textured finish of this 5 Piece Place Setting pattern is the most versatile and distinctive design of the brand.

Decorate your dining table with the collection of white dinnerware that serves all the occasion and especially turns the formal dining occasion into a special and memorable event that is worth of praise.

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Host a Formal Party with Classic Dinner Sets

While hosting an official dinner party or luncheon, nothing can set the mood as dinner sets do!

If you are also looking for the best dinner sets for your party, then you can go with Bone China patterns. The delicate designs of Bone China can create a beautiful table setting for your party. They will liven up the occasion and make your guests enjoy their meals even more.

Take a look at the awesome designs of Wedgwood Dinnerware!


Founded in 1759, Josiah Wedgwood started it in England as an independent potter. It’s his innovation and creativity that made him famous as “Father of English Potters.” Some of the best patterns are here for you.

Wedgwood Columbia Blue & Gold

Wedgwood Columbia-Blue & Gold Footed Cream Soup Bowl & Saucer Set

Founded in 1978, the pattern got discontinued in 1997. Gold griffons and flowers on the blue band can set the mood of any party. If you are thinking of it for a formal party, it could be the best choice.

The golden and blue colored designing on the white base takes the looks of this cream soup bowl and saucer set to another level. Go for it to create a lasting impression on your guests.

Wedgwood Columbia Gold

Wedgwood Columbia-Gold (Gold Flowers, white Body) Leigh Shaped Footed Cup & Saucer

Selecting the dinnerware by understanding the theme of the party is the best approach for hosting a successful party. This Leigh shaped footed cup and saucer set in the Columbia Gold pattern have gold griffons and flowers on white base and is perfect for an official party. The design was introduced in 1964 and remained active till 1979.

Wedgwood Columbia Sage Green

Wedgwood Columbia-Sage Green Rim 5 Piece Place Setting

Columbia Sage Green by Wedgwood is another sophisticated design that was introduced in 1966. After remaining active for many years, this elegant design was out of production in 2014. Gold griffons and flowers on the sage green rim give this 5 Piece Place Setting an attractive look.

Go for these incredible dinner sets to make your guests reminisce the party for long.

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Bone-China Dinnerware for Your Dining Table

Are you thinking of giving a special touch to your dining space? If yes, then consider decorating it with the best china dinnerware. Here is the best collection for you. Go through it, to get the most exquisite dinner sets for giving a vibrant new look to your tablespace.

Villeroy & Boch Vieux Luxembourg

Villeroy & Boch Vieux Luxembourg Flat Cup & Saucer Set

Villeroy & Boch is the German company founded by Francois Boch and Nicholas Villeroy in 1748. The makers of china, crystal, and ceramics created a beautiful pattern in 1983, and it is still in production. With blue floral and trim, and embossed rim, this sophisticated pattern will add grace to your tabletop.

You can use this beautifully designed cup and saucer set in your formal parties. Your guests will, for sure, commend your impressive collection.

Wedgwood Bianca

Wedgwood Bianca (Williamsburg Mark) Rim Soup Bowl

You can also go for Wedgwood Bianca pattern launched by the company in 1973 by the England based company. The colorful design got out of production in 1997 after remaining active for many years. With flower basket center, gold trim and floral border, this colorful soup bowl on reaching your dining table, will display a vibrant hue.

Moreover, if you have kids at home, then this floral printed soup bowl would of great help, to make them finish healthy soups without any tantrums.

Wedgwood Chinese Flowers

Wedgwood Chinese Flowers Coupe Cereal Bowl

There is another floral pattern by Wedgewood for you, that got into existence in 1973, the same year in which the brand introduced Bianca pattern. Same as Bianca it also got discontinued in 1997.

This cereal bowl in the Chinese Flowers pattern will bring charm to your tablespace. The design showcases tan decor and pink flowers on the rim.

Add fascinating dinnerware to your tablespace and make your family time more exciting and fun-loving.

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Have The Best Dining Experience With World Class Dinnerware

Are you planning a party? Do you know that an elegant dinnerware can make your delicious and even the simplest meal more tempting? This calls to be more careful while purchasing the best dinnerware.

Here are the best designs for you that will definitely leave a lasting impression on your guests.!

Royal Doulton Stanwyck

Royal Doulton Stanwyck Bread & Butter Plate

The timeline of this simple yet very attractive Royal Doulton Stanwyck Bread & Butter Plate lies between 1993 and 2007. It was manufactured by an England-based company named Royal Doulton. This Stanwyck plate reveals a complex beauty, along with high durability. It is bordered elegantly with a marbled-blue pattern that is outlined with sharp gold details which gives it a royal look. Stanwyck can be the perfect choice for your dining room.

Royal Worcester Petite Fleur

Royal Worcester Petite Fleur (Pink, Smooth) Salad Plate

The first time that Royal Worcester Petite Fleur design came into being was 1983, and it got out of production after six years in 1989. Royal Worcester is an England based company.

Surrounded by the pink boundary, this Petite Fleur pattern plate is designed with beautiful tiny pink roses and leaves alongside the pink border.

This sophisticated design can be made part of your formal parties.

Spode Trade Winds-Red

Spode Trade Winds-Red Dinner Plate

The Spode Trade Winds-Red pattern reigned for over 31 years. It came to the market in the year 1962 and lasted till 1993. Modeled by a UK-based China company, this Spode Trade pattern  features a sailing boat in the center of the plate, surrounded by a red border and a gold trim on edges.

It can be a perfect gift especially for marine enthusiasts.

Grab the opportunity to host a remarkable dinner party with the best-in-class dinnerware. All these simple yet elegant patterns will surely help in giving your guests the best dining experience.

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