What’s in a Name?

People go through a lot of time and thought whenever they need to bestow a name upon something. After all, your name is what people will know you by for the rest of your life! Of course, naming a person and naming a china pattern are two different things, but pattern names can still hold great importance. Not all pattern names sound like patterns, though. Actually, a lot of them share their names with people.

If you know someone that shares their name with a china pattern, it could be a fun surprise to get some of those pieces for them. Here are a few examples, though there are many more, too.

First up is Wedgwood Carlyn. This pattern was manufactured from 1958-1992 and features a beautiful platinum trim and verge on a clean white background. The design may be very simple, but that does not mean that it is lacking in beauty. In fact, it is quite the opposite, proving to be a grand example of sophistication with a classic quality that has been successful even after so many years. It can be used for a variety of different occasions, whether you are hosting a formal gathering or just a fun get together with friends.

Next is the Lenox Emily pattern. These pieces show off a beautiful pastel floral pattern with pinks and blues. The look is extremely graceful and captures a lot of traditional elements even though it was manufactured more recently from 1989-1997. The cheerful Emily is sure to impress anybody at your dinner table. This pattern also would work extremely well for a tea party or dessert party. It is the perfect option if you like classic pieces with a vintage feel.

Last, but of course not least, is Waterford Lisette. Like Lenox Emily, Lisette also features a nature-inspired design, though perhaps this one is a bit more subtle. Just a few silver branches and leaves are visible on this pattern between the trim and the verge of the same color. The white background makes these details more visible though the look is still subtle and very elegant. This is a very versatile pattern because it is so fitting for fancy and formal occasions, but it also works well as a daily set for your dinner table.

Waterford Lisette 5 Piece Place Setting

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Mapping Wedgwood China

Of course there are many different china companies to choose from if you are looking to expand or even start your own collection, but one company that stands out is Wedgwood. This company has been around since 1759 and has been met with continued success over the years. Though Wedgwood is based in the United Kingdom, their pattern names share names with different locations around the world. Here are a few such patterns that are worth taking a look at.

To start with a very basic option, take a look at the Wedgwood California pattern. Wedgwood manufactured this pattern for over 40 years with a lot of success. This is probably because of the traditional look of the design that shows off beauty in simplicity. The creamy white background on these pieces is adorned with gold detailing around the rim, making for a very classic and timeless look. Because of the design, the California pieces work very well with a variety of crystal and flatware no matter what the setting or occasion.

Another option is Wedgwood Persia. This pattern was made for 8 years. It has a gold trim like the California pattern but has a bit more going on. The beautiful reds and yellows of the fall season find their place around the edges of these pieces making for a much bolder look. Persia shares a great example of the newer look that Wedgwood has been leaning toward with their designs, so if you want an up to date table that is sure to impress, then go ahead and consider adding this pattern to your collection.

The last pattern location to visit on this quick trip is the Wedgwood India. Unlike the two previous patterns, India is still in production, having been made since 1996. It is a great pattern that showcases the Wedgwood style very well. A clean white background is cased by a black and tan border with gold trim. The finishing touch is probably the beautiful floral design that has a very elegant look. Again, like the other two options, this is a great pattern for any collection and will definitely enhance your dining experience whenever you use it.

Wedgwood India Dinner Plate

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Bold Colored Collections

When it comes to dishes that many people commonly use, a lot of times those pieces are limited to very similar color palettes. Of course there is no problem with that, unless you were hoping to make more of a bold statement with your dining collection. While a large proportion of china pieces have white backgrounds, there are also many options that have a very strong look and a burst of other colors. Here are a few ideas for your collection.

Mikasa Opus-Black is one such example. After 17 years of successful production, the Opus-Black pattern was discontinued in 2002. It is one of Mikasa’s most popular patterns, likely because of the strong black color that mixes with beautiful white flowers for a charming and classy appearance. The flowers on this pattern are calla lilies and they fade into the background for a smoky sort of look. If you are wanting to host a dining experience that your guests will certainly remember, then the Opus-Black pattern is an impressive choice.

If you don’t mind white backgrounds so much but want something more than just a small colored trim or subtle pattern, then the Royal Crown Derby Gold Aves pieces definitely deserve some of your attention. Royal Crown Derby has been producing this pattern since 1961 and it has remained very popular since then. While the pattern has a white background, the majority of the pieces are covered with very intricate gold details. Birds, or aves, as the pattern would call them, are woven about with leaves and flowers in this bold gold pattern, making for a timeless look that fits in well with almost any style.

Last but not least, if you are looking for bold colored china, you might also want to take a look at some more colorful flatware. Blue Danube’s pattern by the same name is a great place to start your search. While a lot of flatware is plain silver, the Blue Danube pieces differ by including a patterned panel on their handles. The panel contains a gorgeous dark blue floral pattern that could easily match well with a variety of other china and crystal pieces. Whether they are being used to eat with or as decoration, the Blue Danube pattern items will be sure to add beauty to your home.

Mikasa Opus-Black Dinner Plate

Mikasa Opus-Black Dinner Plate

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Valentine’s Celebration

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, a perfect time to show your affection and appreciation for those you care about. What better way to celebrate with your partner than by giving them a gift that is as exquisite as they are? Give the gift of beautiful fine china. Whether you are adding to a collection or just starting out, china pieces add lots of culture, conversation, and interest to whatever room they are placed in.

There are lots of options to choose from, but be sure to consider some of these:

The Noritake Adagio collection is great for those who enjoy formal dining. Giving a bouquet of flowers is always a nice idea, and this pattern’s deep red floral design could match a dozen roses perfectly. Though this pattern was discontinued after 1994, its 16 years of being produced have helped to set the foundation for its continued success. The Adagio is a very popular pattern has consistently made great sales, especially in Italy. The Italian word “adagio” itself roughly translates to “at ease” in English and is often found in musical scores to determine a tempo. Use this set if you are hoping to set up a relaxing evening.

A Wedgewood Bianca piece would be better for those who are ready to elegantly welcome the upcoming warmer seasons. Wedgwood manufactured this design for around 24 years. The flowery pattern is very characteristic of Wedgwood in general, though the Bianca pieces are unique in their own ways. With a bright and beautiful pastel color palette, this design is a great choice for following the trend of reds and pinks found around Valentine’s Day. Maybe you could even serve some chocolates or a slice of cake on a Bianca plate to celebrate the occasion.

Of course you will also need some glasses to go along with your china, and the Waterford Wynnewood pieces could be just what you’re looking for. While many other Waterford pieces contain more complex designs, the Wynnewood chooses a classic simplicity that looks absolutely stunning, having only straight vertical cuts up the goblet. Perhaps the subtlety of this design is what makes it so popular compared to other pieces as it always seems to be in very high demand. Being so popular after 18 years of being manufactured is definitely an accomplishment and likely a mark of the pattern’s future success.

Wedgwood Bianca

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New Year… New Pizzazz

It’s a New Year, a clean slate full of hope and excitement. Many people set New Year’s Resolutions to trim down this, add that, or do something else. I have one more suggestion of a fun “To Do” item to add to your Resolutions list. Enhance your china collection with a little pizzaz and wow. So come your next family get together or party, you will knock your guests socks off. Here are some patterns that are sure to impress and add beauty to your china cabinet.

Lenox Jefferson, if presidential elegance is what you are looking for… Look no further. Jefferson is both regal elegance and luxurious shine rolled into one brilliant pattern. The face of the pattern is an elegant cream, accented by a regal royal blue band and embellished by a golden verge and trim. This pattern is spectacular, a true must have. These pieces are the perfect addition to any formal affair. Display your amazing cuisine on Jefferson by Lenox during your next company dinner party or formal dinner with friends.

Country fine dining chic is what you can expect from Royal Copenhagen Blue Flowers. Close your eyes an imagine a whimsical yet elegant dinner adorned with twinkle lights and beautiful flowers… The beautiful imagery can be brought to your dining room table with this pattern. Graceful scalloped edges play around white lace texturing. Your guests will be transported to a garden chic adventure with every bite. You wont want to miss the opportunity to add these exquisite blue flowers to your china collection.

Wedgwood Ulander Black, classic elegance at it’s finest. The simplistic beauty of black and white is contrasted by brilliant golden accents. This pattern will serve as the perfect backdrop for your tablescape at any dinner party. The classic beauty will be one you can enjoy for years to come, as this type of elegance never wanes in style. This understated simplistic elegance gives you the advantage of being able to layer accent pieces in various colors and designs.

These patterns are only the tip of the iceberg. Visit us at Classic Replacements to view all of the beautiful creations you can add to your collection of wonderful china.

Wedgwood Ulander Black

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Happy Holidays

From our families to yours, happy holidays. With the feeling of joy and wonder in the air, we’d like to share with you some of our favorite patterns.

Lenox Urban Twilight- This Urban Twilight pattern not to be confused with it’s sister Urban Lights does the trick for us. It is light airy with a touch of class.

Denby Auro Clear- Have you ever heard of the word “potschke”? It’s German-Yiddish slang for gaudy. This pattern is precisely the opposite. No “potschke” to this pattern. Just crystal, pure and clear.

Lenox Buchanan – Buchanan rightfully takes it’s place in the upper tier of the Lenox Presidential collection. A collectors favorite for it’s creamy center and right mixture of design and space accented by “blues” and raised dots.

Royal Doulton Royal Gold – This pattern is somewhat “potschke’d” :) . Although it really isn’t. the intricate gold rim just highlights the stark whiteness of the center. For a company that has the word “royal” in it’s name to use “royal” in a pattern is unusual, certainly done only in the right circumstances. this pattern is truly deserving of the double “rotyal” in its name.

Royal Doulton Royal Gold

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The Hard to Shop for

It’s not always easy to know what to get those special people in your life as a holiday gift. A wonderful staple and addition to anyones home is the gift of beautiful china. China serves as the backdrop to timeless family memories, treasured family heirlooms, and fantastic invest for the future. This year treat the ones your love to exquisite china that they can enjoy for years to come. While you’re visiting, make sure to treat yourself too.

A few fabulous treats to spoil the ones you love with this holiday season.

Wedgwood Persia: This Persia pattern was manufactured for 8 years by the Wedgwood China company, based in the UK. This pattern is one of the newer patterns manufactured by Wedgwood & has the newer look they are leaning to, similar to this Wedgwood Persia pattern with its newer look is the Wedgwood India pattern. The Persia pattern is not a subtle pattern & is not for the customer looking for a quiet pattern like Wedgwood Seville which is extremly elegant & will enhance any table.

Lenox Classic Edition: This Classic Edition pattern was manufactured for 10 years by the Lenox China company, based in the USA. This pattern is a classical looking pattern with a heavy yet understated design. The thick gold rim & green marble border gives it more of a heavy look yet the elegant & subtle black dots on the gold border add to its understated elegance & beauty. The Lenox Classic Edition pattern is truly a classic & one hundred percent deserving of its name. The small black dots bring to mind some other Lenox patterns which also feature small hand painted raised dots like theLenox Autumn pattern

Lenox Southern Vista: This Southern Vista pattern was manufactured for more than 10 years by the Lenox China company, based in the US. Does your dinner table need a breath of fresh country air? If so the Southern Vista pattern will make a beautiful addition within your home. Magnificent antique flowers radiate around a lush border of green, providing a spectacular contrast to the classic ivory glow. Allow your tableware to express gracious southern hospitality. This southern elegance says to your guests, “Welcome to our home”.

Lenox Southern Vista


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Tis the Season

Tis the season for beautiful patterns, exceptional quality, and rarity. Take a few moments to get to know the beauty that fills our world here at Classic Replacements. Here are a few of our favorite things.

Christian Dior Tabriz- Why is it one of our favorite things, because this rare beauty is no longer being created. The Christian Dior brand no longer produces china, however existing pieces made by Christian Dior are highly sought after, especially this rare and elegant pattern. This china design was named after Tabriz in ancient Persia, and its design was intended to resemble those of the intricately designed and highly esteemed Persian carpets.

Wedgewood Seville- One of our favorite things for it’s sleek versatility. This Seville pattern was manufactured for 11 years by the Wedgwood company. This is the perfect pattern to add to your collection if you are looking for simplistic beauty. The wonderful thing about this pattern is the crispness of the white finish with the punch of color from the cobalt band. Your food will look beautiful on these pieces. You can have confidence that adding Seville to your tablescape is an exceptional investment.

Lenox Poppies On Blue- This floral pattern brings a smile to our face, thus making it one of our favorite things. This Poppies on Blue pattern was manufactured for 23 years by the Lenox China company, based in the US. Part of Lenox’s chinastone series of china patterns, Poppies on Blue is best suited as an everday china pattern. Not only is it dishwasher, freezer, oven and microwave safe, it is also built durable and tough to withstand daily use. It’s whimsical light design, confined to the border allows you to highlight the fare being served in a nice cocoon of soft and subtle blues, greens and reds. Poppies on Blue is one of Lenox’s all time favorite patterns in the Chinastone variety.

Royal Doulton Albany- One of our favorite things because of it’s timeless elegance. This Albany pattern was manufactured for 15 years by the Royal Doulton china company based in the UK. Royal Doulton Albany was  a very popular pattern while it was being manufactured & is still sought after. The small floral design on the yellow & blue border is quite pretty & brightens any table it is being used on.The Royal Doulton Albany china pattern matches very well with Fostoria Navarre Clear crystal & Oneida Raphael flatware which both have  similar floral arrangements to the Albany pattern.

Royal Doulton Albany

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The Holiday Shopping Season Begins

Today kicks off the “start” of the Holiday shopping season. Here are some great ideas to get your shopping started.

Noritake Chandon Platinum - This Chandon Platinum pattern was manufactured for almost 10 years by the Noritake China company. Classic clean elegance that can go from your table to the dishwasher. This pattern is a complete win, beauty without the behind the scenes work with hand-washing. You will wow your dinner guests as well as your family dinner table with each of these pieces. Beautiful ivory is embellished with embossed delicate lacework and detailed floral. There is a different breath of fresh beauty across every textured portion of this pattern. Classic, beautiful, timeless. Investing in the pattern is a marvelous idea.

Royal Doulton Tennyson - This Tennyson pattern is currently in production since 1997 by the Royal Doulton China company, based in the UK. The Tennyson pattern is one of those patterns that lean towards the holidays based on their design & their specialty holiday items in the pattern. This pattern is one of the newer Royal Doulton designs & shows their shift away from the traditional & towards the more modern & themed designs. If you look at a pattern like Royal Doulton Kingswood & compare it to the Tennyson pattern you can get a feel for their older & newer styles.

Lenox Kelly- This Kelly pattern was manufactured for 13 years by the Lenox China company, based in the USA. Lenox Kelly is an extremly popular pattern & is still in strong demand even though it has been discountined since 2006. The Kelly pattern has a strong holiday look to it with its green holly colored band which evokes a christmas feel when looking at the Kelly pattern. Like several other pattern that lean torwards the holidays the Lenox china company manufactured several pieces in the Kelly pattern geared specifically for christmas, such as their christmas salad plates,mugs & more which come with a small christmas tree on them, although the rest of the design on the christmas pieces are slightly differen then the rest of the Lenox Kelly pattern they are in fact part of the Kelly pattern. Other patterns by Lenox which also feature a holiday design & theme are the Lenox Sleighride Lenox Eternal Christmas patterns. While Lenox does make these patterns geared more to the holdiay season & designs them with a more cheery & festive design the also have patterns geared for many other uses from formal dining to everyday use as can be seen from a more formal & high priced pattern like  Lenox Castle Garden to a less formal & more for everyday use pattern like Lenox Charleston .

What’s on the top of your shopping list this year?

Lenox Kelly

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A Holiday to Remember

There is something about this time of year that makes me more nostalgic than most. I find myself sitting by a cozy fire, reading or journaling, and thinking back to my years as a child. A time in life where everything was magical and hope was so alive you could taste it. Taste, for me it’s paired with smell, and brings back so many wonderful memories I could fill every page of this blog. I would like to share one of these memories with you and encourage you to share some of your favorite holiday memories with us.

My mother was older than most of my friends mothers. We lived in a modest home, with modest comforts, and happiness was all around us. Mom didn’t wear fancy clothes, like many of the mothers did. She didn’t decorate our home with extravagant things. What she did love and invest in were beautiful pieces of china. Her heart belonged to Lenox and I can’t count for you the number of times I found her sitting in her chair circling items she adored in Lenox Catalogs. It’s memories brought to life from those pages that I still carry with me today.

Every Christmas mom would spend hours laying out the perfect holiday table before slaving away in the kitchen. The crown jewels of each tablescape were her Lenox Holiday china pieces. Even as a little girl I found these pieces enchanting. The way the light played across the golden ring around each piece reminded me of the glittering sunlight off the freshly fallen snow outside. Every year I counted the clusters of bright red berries on the plates and every year my mom would call from the kitchen, “Look with you eyes not with your hands, let the china shine for everyone.” And shine they did.

One Christmas Eve with the table sat I picked up one of the plates turning it around and around in my hands watching the light from the moon play along the golden trim. Suddenly the lights turned on in the dinning room and I jumped, watching in slow motion as the beautiful plate broke into uneven pieces. Mom stood wide eyed and I simply knew I was in for a punishment to rival all other punishments. As I began to cry mom took me in her arms and said, “These dishes are beautiful and they make me very proud. I’ve saved and your father has worked hard to afford us such beautiful holiday accents. However, you sweet girl is what Christmas is all about. The glint in your eye on Christmas morning is worth more than any plate or saucer or cup. With that said, remember always, look with your eyes not with our hands.”

For many years our holiday table was short one dinner plate. My first year of college I worked for the local newspaper making pennies, but saving all those that I could. That year I tucked under the tree one Lenox Holiday plate, adorned with a giant golden bow. I can still feel the excitement waiting for her to open the delicate package. It felt good to give back to her after countless years of her sacrificing for me.

This holiday season remember the little things. No matter if you love Waterford Powerssourt or Royal Crown Derby Traditional Imari. No matter if you are a ham or turkey person. Come together and simply remember to love one another. No matter what your holiday, enjoy these moments gathered around and embed them into your memory. These are the moments that count and please always remember to always look with your eyes not with your hands.

Lenox Holiday

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