Crystal Clear

Do you want to add some sparkle to your table setting?  Then aside from china and flatware, you must not be without crystal stemware.

After all, what are cocktails without the impeccable glassware that only crystal brings?

Crystal makes any occasion truly special by adding elegance to the table.  It will enable you to entertain with class and enjoy the finer things in life.

Crystal – Because not all that glitters is gold.

Click here to check out our stellar Crystal brands.

Baccarat Massena His & Hers Champagne Flutes

Baccarat Massena His & Hers Champagne Flutes

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4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in China

Are you still undecided in making that first china purchase?

Well, here are 4 reasons to convince you:

  1. With proper care, the quality of the china is preserved and its value appreciates.  Take the case of Royal Copenhagen’s Flora Danica Collection, said to be the most expensive china in the world.  A 20-piece service of this collection now costs $29,500!  Should you need money for emergency or whatever purpose, you can actually sell your china collection for much, much more than what you initially paid for it.  Especially here at Classic Replacements where we give you the lowest prices. As mentioned in the last blog – what drives the price is the craftsmanship of the china that dates back to centuries.  In the present world where everything is instant, craftsmanship has become a forgotten skill.
  2. Speaking of craftsmanship, if you are a true art aficionado, you know that china is one of the best representations of visual art. No words are needed for you to appreciate these works of art.  Anna Weatherley’s collection is an example.  Each piece is a masterpiece, delicately handpainted, not lacking in detail.  To display or to use – the choice is entirely up to you.
  3. Using china also gives you a taste of royalty. After all, fine china was originally manufactured only for the emperors or the royal family, you know.  Think of all the meaningful conversations you will have as you gather around the dining table with your family and friends.  And your guests will surely commend your sophisticated taste.
  4. Lastly, china is an heirloom that you can pass from generation to generation. It is a lifetime legacy for your grandchildren and even great grandchildren to remember you by.  What better reason could there be?

Are you convinced already?  Take that first bold step.  Click now.

Anna Weatherley Ivy Garland Flat Cup & Saucer Set

Anna Weatherley Ivy Garland Flat Cup & Saucer Set

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Focus: Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica Collection

In our blog How to Care for Your China, we discussed the value of china and how proper care is important for its preservation and value appreciation.

Today, we’ll focus on what is said to be the most expensive china in the world – Royal Copenhagen’s Flora Danica collection.

Want to know the story behind it?  Here goes.

Having taken an interest in botany, King Frederik V of Denmark commissioned the Flora Danica botanical encyclopedia in 1761.  The encyclopedia consisted of more than 3000 of engraved copper plates featuring Danish flowers and plants hand painted by acclaimed artist Johann Christoph Bayer. The encyclopedia was completed only in 1874 (more than a century later).

It was this botanical encyclopedia that was adapted by Royal Copenhagen for its Flora Danica collection in 1790.  It was also Bayer who initially painted the first productions of the collection – until he lost his sight.  You can say that this was his life’s work.

Truly luxurious, the Flora Danica Collection was created as a gift from royalty to royalty and is still used by kings and queens today.

The details of the paintings combined with the quality of the porcelain make each piece an absolute treasure.

What drives the price, you ask?  Craftsmanship that dates back to centuries.  In the present world where everything is instant, craftsmanship has become a forgotten skill.

Turn back time with our Royal Copenhagen collection.

Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica Collection

Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica Collection (Source: Pinterest)

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You Cannot Get More Elegant Than This!

Did you know that in Europe, porcelain factories have to work for the title “Royal” to be added as a prefix to their company name?  The permission has to come from no less than the Queen herself.  Not only that, the right to add a “crown” to the company logo or backstamp has to be earned from the royals too.

This is why if you have a Royal China Collection, you can be assured that it has passed the most stringent of standards in terms of excellence in workmanship.

Own a Royal Collection and own something of real value:

Royal Albert

Royal Chelsea

Royal Copenhagen

Royal Crown Derby

Royal Doulton

Royal Ivory

Royal Jackson

Royal Standard

Royal Worcester

Royal Crown Derby Lombardy 5-Piece Place Setting

Royal Crown Derby Lombardy 5-Piece Place Setting

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Focus: the Richard Ginori China Collection

Today, April 11, marks the death anniversary of Marchese Carlo Ginori.

Marchese Carlo Ginori (1702-1757) Source: Wikipedia

Marchese Carlo Ginori (1702-1757)
Source: Wikipedia

It was Carlo Ginori who founded the Doccia Porcelain of Florence in 1735.  He was motivated by his interest in the production of “white gold” which is how porcelain was known during that time.  When he died in 1757, his work was continued by his sons (Bartolomeo, Francesco, Lorenzo, and Niccolò) who introduced a new, whiter body glazed for increased whiteness compared to their father’s original grayish and less glossy works.

The brand became known as Richard Ginori after its merger with Societa Ceramica Richard of Milan in 1896.  Recognized as the “Ferrari” of porcelain, it was acquired by known Italian fashion brand Gucci in April 2013 thus preserving its Italian heritage.  Currently, the original Florence factory is still under operation totaling almost 3 centuries of skillful handiwork, the mark of true Italian craftsmanship.

Carlo Ginori was only 55 years old when he died yet his legacy of Italian craftsmanship has lived on for more than 280 years now.

Truly, nothing says class like Italian dinnerware and the Richard Ginori China Collection is proof of this.  Go ahead and take a look.


Richard Ginori Ercolano Black Flat Cup & Saucer Set

Richard Ginori Ercolano Black Flat Cup & Saucer Set

Richard Ginori Pompei Gold Cup & Saucer Set

Richard Ginori Pompei Gold Cup & Saucer Set

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How to Care for Your China

But first, some trivia.  Did you know that there was this single porcelain bowl that sold for $9.5M at a Sotheby’s auction?



This is the Blood Red Porcelain bowl decorated with two lotus flowers, a most sought-after collector’s item. It was rare, bright red despite being under-glazed which made it very popular. The ruby-colored bowl dates from the Kangxi period (1662-1722) during the Qing Dynasty, and was eventually purchased by a Hong Kong private collector.

Such is the value given to china so it is important that you know how to properly care for your own china collection. 

Let us take you through 3 easy steps: 

Step 1.  Wash

To wash by hand or use the dishwasher?  That is the question frequently asked by china owners.  Let us help you decide.

Hand Wash

As a rule of thumb, any china above 20 years old should be washed by hand. Plates with gold or platinum edging must not be placed in the dishwasher.  (Not even in the microwave oven, for that matter.)  If a pattern has been discontinued or is no longer in production, it is difficult to replace so best to handle it with utmost care.  (This is the reason why we at Classic Replacements guide you on the manufacturing / production status of all our product lines.)

How to Wash China by Hand:

First, line the bottom of the sink with a soft rubber mat.  This is to avoid chipping.  Turn the water on to warm (not hot).  Use a mild liquid dishwashing detergent (no bleach or lemon please!)  Use a delicate sponge (pretty much like what you use for your Teflon pans.) Do not scrub aggressively – just rub gently.  Wash one item at a time.


If you are the type who likes to have fine dinnerware but dreads handwashing – then go for dinnerware which are deemed dishwasher-safe by the manufacturer.  Check the level of quality and craftsmanship too.  Mottahedeh dinnerware is recognized for this.  Fine porcelain and bone china plates are actually quite durable enough to withstand the occasional run through the dishwasher.

How to Wash China Using the Dishwasher:

First, remove the food particles with a rubber spatula rather than cutlery.  This is to avoid scratches.  Load them in such a way that they will not bump into one another.  Separate the load for the cutlery or flatware.  Water temperature should be below 140 degrees Fahrenheit.  Consider the available settings of your dishwasher and select the special china wash or delicate cycle.  The most important thing to remember in using the dishwasher to wash china is to choose the gentlest setting and the shortest wash possible.

Step 2.  Dry

Air dry or towel dry.  Just make sure that the towels you will use are soft and clean.

Step 3.  Store

Store away from extreme temperature.  Do not stack them one on top of the other.  Use a filler or padding. (Cloth napkins, doilies, and even paper towels will work.)  Neither should you stack or hang cups to reduce the chance of breakage.

That’s it.  Wash, Dry, Store.  Easy as 1-2-3!

By doing this, you will be able to maintain the condition of your china for many years.  Definitely an heirloom that you can pass on from generation to generation.

Mottahedeh Strawberry Vine Flat Cup & Saucer Set

Mottahedeh Strawberry Vine Flat Cup & Saucer Set

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Your Choice of Dinnerware Says a Lot about You!

It used to be that fine china was manufactured only for the emperors or the royal family.

There was even a time when porcelain was used only for decoration and not to serve food.  (Think of the dinnerware stored in your parents’ or grandparents’ cupboards.)

However, with the progression of time and influx of factories, we now have a variety of dinnerware themes with increased functionality without sacrificing aesthetics.

Your choice of china says a lot about you and the lifestyle you choose to live.

You can go casual – for a more child-friendly setting.  Most casual dinnerware can be placed in the dishwasher to save you the time of hand washing then towel-drying them.

On the other hand, fine china needs a little more care.  Fine china is usually associated with classic or elegant.

We also have the modern or contemporary for the minimalist and purist in you.  Take it from Villeroy & Boch which has three centuries of craftsmanship and innovation.

There are also some people who go for country or rustic earthenware or stoneware.

Whatever you choose…whatever inspires you…Classic Replacements has a slew of options for you so keep on clicking!

Villeroy & Boch French Garden

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Easter Gift Ideas

Easter Gift Ideas

What comes to your mind during Easter season?  The Easter egg, right?

Ever wondered how the Easter egg came to be?

Well, historians say that the egg is said to symbolize the tomb of Christ’s resurrection.  And the Easter egg hunt, according to Professor Lizette Larson-Miller of the Graduate Theological Union of Berkeley, can be traced to the Protestant Christian Reformer Martin Luther.  She said that Luther had egg hunts where the men hid the eggs for women and children to find.  Reverend Mary Jane Pierce Norton, the Associate General Secretary of Leadership Ministries at the General Board of Discipleship, supplemented this by saying that finding the eggs was like experiencing the joy that the women had when they learned that Christ had indeed resurrected.

So how would you like to rekindle that joy in the eyes of your loved ones when you gift them with the following collectibles from Classic Replacements?

Chamart Collectibles

Chamart Limoges Hinged Blue Striped Goose Egg Box (also available in green, orange and pink).

Chamart Limoges Hinged Blue Tulip Egg Box

Chamart Limoges Hinged Enameled Egg Box

Chamart Limoges Hinged Mosaic Tree Egg Box

Chamart Limoges Hinged Yellow Goose Egg Box (also available in pink).

Limoges Collectibles

Limoges Aquamarine Goose Egg

Limoges Blue Bow Goose Egg

Limoges Blue Garland Goose Egg

Limoges Blue Print Goose Egg

Limoges Coral Rose Egg

Limoges Cracker Orange Egg

Limoges Dogwood Egg

Limoges English Garden Egg

Limoges Field Bouquet Egg

Limoges Gilt Gold Egg

Limoges Green Gold Eagle Egg

Limoges Lorraine Goose Egg

Limoges Pale Blue Egg

Limoges Red Heart Egg

Limoges Snake Egg

Lastly, what’s Easter without an Easter Bunny, right?  So here’s another Easter gift idea that you can give to your child – the Neiman Marcus Bunny Rabbit Piggy Bank by Lyn Chase.


Peter Priess Handpainted Easter Eggs

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Summer Patterns

Ah…summer!  With the kids on school break, this is a season which is more often than not characterized by vacations and family bonding over meals.  An opportune time to update your china collection indeed!

We at Classic Replacements would like to make life easier for you by scaling down the choices.  So hang loose as we give you a rundown of our summer collection.

Lenox, the ever-prolific china manufacturer from the US, is of at the top of the list of course with its wide summer collection:

Lenox Summer Breeze

Lenox Summer Harvest

Lenox Summer Spice

Lenox Summer Terrace – Casual design consisting of ivy garland with blue flowers and rosebuds.

Lenox Summer Terrace Earthware

Lenox Summer Terrace (Majolica)

Lenox Summer Wind

Not to be outdone is Noritake of Japan.  Imagine having a beachfront meal with their summer collection:

Noritake Summer Estate*

Noritake Summer Magic*

Or you can party like the royals do with the Royal Doulton Summer Collection:

Royal Doulton Summer Days

Royal Doulton Summer Song

An interesting fact about the royals is they usually live in a different palace for each season.  Do you fancy having tea in a summer palace?  Try the Spode Summer Palace collection.

Truly there is no shortage of choices to keep your home (and your table) from looking in full bloom!

Johnson Brothers Summer Chintz

Johnson Brothers Summer Chintz

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Spring is Coming!

With the dreadful winter that people are experiencing, everybody is just looking forward to spring – a season of new beginnings.  Let your home (and your dining table!) reflect the joyous and vibrant spirit of spring.  Consider investing in china which makes any table setting dainty yet classy.    Here at, you can shop for dinnerware that portray the different colors and symbolisms that come with the season.

With so many different china patterns available, the options can get overwhelming.  But we at have fine-tuned your options for you.

Nothing says spring like our vast Lenox spring collection:

Lenox Spring Bounty

Lenox Spring Bouquet

Lenox Spring Violets

Lenox Spring Vista – Floral themed with its rose sprays on cream colored background.

Lenox Springdale (Platinum Trim) – Classic Lenox pattern with its cream colored background, platinum band, and border of leaves and flowers.

Lenox Springfield

Do you “love Paris in the springtime”, as the classic Cole Porter song goes?  Then you can go for Bernardeau Chateaubriand Blue collection with its pink and blue floral imprint – and imagine yourself having coffee with friends at springtime in France.

Or have you ever dreamt of seeing the cherry blossoms in Japan?  With our Noritake Spring Debut set, tea time will make you feel transported to this popular tourist attraction.

So make your choice now and welcome spring in your home!

Bernardeau Chateubriand Blue

Bernardeau Chateubriand Blue

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