Tis the Season

Tis the season for beautiful patterns, exceptional quality, and rarity. Take a few moments to get to know the beauty that fills our world here at Classic Replacements. Here are a few of our favorite things.

Christian Dior Tabriz- Why is it one of our favorite things, because this rare beauty is no longer being created. The Christian Dior brand no longer produces china, however existing pieces made by Christian Dior are highly sought after, especially this rare and elegant pattern. This china design was named after Tabriz in ancient Persia, and its design was intended to resemble those of the intricately designed and highly esteemed Persian carpets.

Wedgewood Seville- One of our favorite things for it’s sleek versatility. This Seville pattern was manufactured for 11 years by the Wedgwood company. This is the perfect pattern to add to your collection if you are looking for simplistic beauty. The wonderful thing about this pattern is the crispness of the white finish with the punch of color from the cobalt band. Your food will look beautiful on these pieces. You can have confidence that adding Seville to your tablescape is an exceptional investment.

Lenox Poppies On Blue- This floral pattern brings a smile to our face, thus making it one of our favorite things. This Poppies on Blue pattern was manufactured for 23 years by the Lenox China company, based in the US. Part of Lenox’s chinastone series of china patterns, Poppies on Blue is best suited as an everday china pattern. Not only is it dishwasher, freezer, oven and microwave safe, it is also built durable and tough to withstand daily use. It’s whimsical light design, confined to the border allows you to highlight the fare being served in a nice cocoon of soft and subtle blues, greens and reds. Poppies on Blue is one of Lenox’s all time favorite patterns in the Chinastone variety.

Royal Doulton Albany- One of our favorite things because of it’s timeless elegance. This Albany pattern was manufactured for 15 years by the Royal Doulton china company based in the UK. Royal Doulton Albany was  a very popular pattern while it was being manufactured & is still sought after. The small floral design on the yellow & blue border is quite pretty & brightens any table it is being used on.The Royal Doulton Albany china pattern matches very well with Fostoria Navarre Clear crystal & Oneida Raphael flatware which both have  similar floral arrangements to the Albany pattern.

Royal Doulton Albany

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The Holiday Shopping Season Begins

Today kicks off the “start” of the Holiday shopping season. Here are some great ideas to get your shopping started.

Noritake Chandon Platinum - This Chandon Platinum pattern was manufactured for almost 10 years by the Noritake China company. Classic clean elegance that can go from your table to the dishwasher. This pattern is a complete win, beauty without the behind the scenes work with hand-washing. You will wow your dinner guests as well as your family dinner table with each of these pieces. Beautiful ivory is embellished with embossed delicate lacework and detailed floral. There is a different breath of fresh beauty across every textured portion of this pattern. Classic, beautiful, timeless. Investing in the pattern is a marvelous idea.

Royal Doulton Tennyson - This Tennyson pattern is currently in production since 1997 by the Royal Doulton China company, based in the UK. The Tennyson pattern is one of those patterns that lean towards the holidays based on their design & their specialty holiday items in the pattern. This pattern is one of the newer Royal Doulton designs & shows their shift away from the traditional & towards the more modern & themed designs. If you look at a pattern like Royal Doulton Kingswood & compare it to the Tennyson pattern you can get a feel for their older & newer styles.

Lenox Kelly- This Kelly pattern was manufactured for 13 years by the Lenox China company, based in the USA. Lenox Kelly is an extremly popular pattern & is still in strong demand even though it has been discountined since 2006. The Kelly pattern has a strong holiday look to it with its green holly colored band which evokes a christmas feel when looking at the Kelly pattern. Like several other pattern that lean torwards the holidays the Lenox china company manufactured several pieces in the Kelly pattern geared specifically for christmas, such as their christmas salad plates,mugs & more which come with a small christmas tree on them, although the rest of the design on the christmas pieces are slightly differen then the rest of the Lenox Kelly pattern they are in fact part of the Kelly pattern. Other patterns by Lenox which also feature a holiday design & theme are the Lenox Sleighride Lenox Eternal Christmas patterns. While Lenox does make these patterns geared more to the holdiay season & designs them with a more cheery & festive design the also have patterns geared for many other uses from formal dining to everyday use as can be seen from a more formal & high priced pattern like  Lenox Castle Garden to a less formal & more for everyday use pattern like Lenox Charleston .

What’s on the top of your shopping list this year?

Lenox Kelly

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A Holiday to Remember

There is something about this time of year that makes me more nostalgic than most. I find myself sitting by a cozy fire, reading or journaling, and thinking back to my years as a child. A time in life where everything was magical and hope was so alive you could taste it. Taste, for me it’s paired with smell, and brings back so many wonderful memories I could fill every page of this blog. I would like to share one of these memories with you and encourage you to share some of your favorite holiday memories with us.

My mother was older than most of my friends mothers. We lived in a modest home, with modest comforts, and happiness was all around us. Mom didn’t wear fancy clothes, like many of the mothers did. She didn’t decorate our home with extravagant things. What she did love and invest in were beautiful pieces of china. Her heart belonged to Lenox and I can’t count for you the number of times I found her sitting in her chair circling items she adored in Lenox Catalogs. It’s memories brought to life from those pages that I still carry with me today.

Every Christmas mom would spend hours laying out the perfect holiday table before slaving away in the kitchen. The crown jewels of each tablescape were her Lenox Holiday china pieces. Even as a little girl I found these pieces enchanting. The way the light played across the golden ring around each piece reminded me of the glittering sunlight off the freshly fallen snow outside. Every year I counted the clusters of bright red berries on the plates and every year my mom would call from the kitchen, “Look with you eyes not with your hands, let the china shine for everyone.” And shine they did.

One Christmas Eve with the table sat I picked up one of the plates turning it around and around in my hands watching the light from the moon play along the golden trim. Suddenly the lights turned on in the dinning room and I jumped, watching in slow motion as the beautiful plate broke into uneven pieces. Mom stood wide eyed and I simply knew I was in for a punishment to rival all other punishments. As I began to cry mom took me in her arms and said, “These dishes are beautiful and they make me very proud. I’ve saved and your father has worked hard to afford us such beautiful holiday accents. However, you sweet girl is what Christmas is all about. The glint in your eye on Christmas morning is worth more than any plate or saucer or cup. With that said, remember always, look with your eyes not with our hands.”

For many years our holiday table was short one dinner plate. My first year of college I worked for the local newspaper making pennies, but saving all those that I could. That year I tucked under the tree one Lenox Holiday plate, adorned with a giant golden bow. I can still feel the excitement waiting for her to open the delicate package. It felt good to give back to her after countless years of her sacrificing for me.

This holiday season remember the little things. No matter if you love Waterford Powerssourt or Royal Crown Derby Traditional Imari. No matter if you are a ham or turkey person. Come together and simply remember to love one another. No matter what your holiday, enjoy these moments gathered around and embed them into your memory. These are the moments that count and please always remember to always look with your eyes not with your hands.

Lenox Holiday

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Wedgwood, An Introduction to Beauty

Have you been introduced to the beauty that is Wedgwood? No matter what your style Wedgwood as a pattern that will both inspire and delight you. Wedgwood provide stunning quality combined with sophisticated classical contemporary design and highly skilled craftsmanship. Quality is the name of the game with every piece that leaves Wedgwood’s door. Here are some of our favorite Wedgwood patterns.

Wedgwood American Clipper Blue – This American Clipper Blue pattern was manufactured for 20 years by the Wedgwood china company based in the UK. Wedgwood American Clipper Blue has an almost identical sister pattern called Wedgwood Flying Cloud Rust which features the same center ship design with the major noticeable difference being the pattern color. The American Clipper Blue pattern is an excellent pattern for the holidays, especially thanksgiving. A surprisingly good crystal match for this pattern is Varga Versailles Sky Blue, the coloring matches the American Clipper Blue pattern in a really phenomenal way.

Wedgwood Amherst Platinum – This Amherst pattern has been manufactured since 1984 by the Wedgwood China company, based in the UK. The standard Wedgwood description of this decades old and popular pattern focuses on it’s subtle rather simple design with a twist in it’s blue-based floral border. It is a luscious white pattern with muted gray border lines interspersed by diamond shaped blue pieces and small gray boxes on the outer rim. Topped off by platinum trimmings, this pattern deserves your attention if soft style with a hint of something more reminds you of someone – yourself!

Wedgwood Gold Crown – This Crown Gold pattern was manufactured for 16 years  by the Wedgwood China company based in the UK. The Wedgwood Crown Gold pattern exudes a certain sense of class & refinement which is hard to find. The elegant simplicity of the Crown Gold pattern is stunning & subtle at the same time which is what make it so beautiful. Wedgwood made other patterns with this similar scalloped shape but added more color to them, to see what we mean see a pattern like Wedgwood Crown Emerald . For the opposite effect see a pattern like Wedgwood Amherst,a more current & modern looking pattern. The Wedgwood Crown Gold pattern in our opinion deserves a spot in the China Hall Of Great Patterns.

Wedgwood Crown Gold

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Get to know the beauty that is Spode China

Spode China Company from the United Kingdom dates back to the 1700’s. Created by Josiah Spode and acquired by the Portmeirion Group in 2009. You probably know Spode for their elegant patterns and keen eye for detail. Here are a few of our favorite patterns created by Spode China Company.

Spode Stafford Flowers- This Stafford Flowers pattern has been manufactured for 22 years by the Spode China company, based in England. Spode Stafford Flowers is a pattern that should appeal to anyone who has an interest in botany as they place different interesting flowers on their pieces, for example the Stafford Flowers 9″ plate known as a luncheon/accent plate features two flowers, a large rhododendron flower & several smaller prinsepa flowers. Stafford Flowers is definitely one of Spodes more prestigious patterns as evidenced by its price and several other factors like the gold rim which is hand painted on with gold flakes. Spode has a wide range of patterns ranging from the lower end like Spode Rockingham pattern to the Spode Virginia pattern. The Spode china company & the Royal Worcester China company merged in 2006 bringing together two very fine & exquisite makers of china. Although the two companies merged they still retain their own respective brand names on their china patterns.

Spode Camelot- This Camelot pattern was manufactured for 7 years by the Spode China company, based in the UK. Camelot, in it’s historical sense is supposed to evoke a “magical” feeling. While we don’t know if this pattern quite rises to that level, it does fit the bill of a traditional, subtle pattern with noticeable differences from your standard black and gold trim such as Lenox Urban Lights. The intricately designed curls and jagged gold line make this pattern stand out from the pack.

Spode Rockingham-This Rockingham pattern was manufactured for 35 years by the Spode China company, based in the UK. Fruity, fresh and flavorful. No we’re not talking about an apple, we’re talking about this Rockingham pattern. We’re not sure after whom or what this pattern has been named, but be it after the Marquess of Rockingham or Rockingham, NJ, that for which it is named for can be proud. This is a delightful pattern, taking a back seat to no one when it comes to evoking the spirit of spring and summer. It also goes well as a formal pattern for summer parties and barbecues. Compares favorably to Villeroy and Boch’s Acapulco china pattern for quality and colorfulness.

Spode Rockingham

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You’ll Only Find Beautiful Treats Here.

While the little ones are excited about treats, we want to share some beautiful treats for your upcoming holiday tables. You and your guests will fall in love with these eye popping pieces of china treats.

Lenox Charleston- This Charleston pattern was manufactured for 26 years by the Lenox China Company, based in the USA. Featuring a lovely rose peony design in pinks, greens and blues flanked by a double soft gray border and trimmed with precious platinum, this fine china design epitomizes Southern charm and sophisticated elegance. The creamy ivory background is classic Lenox. A design of floral grace and understated class, popular while in production and afterward. A perfect bridal pattern as well. This pattern can be used in the dishwasher but not in the microwave.

Lenox Urban Twilight- This Urban Twilight pattern was manufactured for 13 years by the Lenox China company, based in the USA. Lenox Urban twilight differs a bit from most of Lenox’s formal dining sets in the color of the background which is a plain white as opposed to the usual cream color the Lenox company uses. The salad plate in the Urban Lights pattern has a small motif in the center which is not a design Lenox frequently uses but they do put it on some patterns such as Lenox Hartwell House. The Urban Twilight pattern is very similar to patterns such as Lenox Urban Lights which looks very similar but has a thinner & darker colored rim.

Lenox Fruits of Life- This Fruits Of Life pattern was manufactured for 12 years by the Lenox  China company, based in the US. This pattern is one the more unusual designs made by the Lenox china company. The Fruits Of Life pattern is a solid colored pattern with the border being the same cream color as the background color of the plate with the only variation in color on this pattern being the thin gold trim & verge. While this pattern is not typical for this china manufacturer it is a gorgeous looking pattern & great to use in the spring time as its border of raised fruits & leaves symbolize new growth which is what the spring is all about. One of the other few patterns that Lenox makes in a solid color like the Fruits Of Life pattern is Lenox Sand Dune which has a similar design concept to this pattern.

Lenox Monroe- This Monroe pattern was manufactured for 20 years by the Lenox China Company, based in the USA. Lenox Monroe continues the tradition and strength of the other Lenox patterns in the presidential collection such as Lenox Hancock. It stays with the classic cream Lenox look with just enough maroon and gold to give it a deep, luscious luminance and “feel”. There is also a matching Lenox Monroe crystal pattern made to go hand in hand with this china pattern.

Lenox Monroe


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Crystal Care

No matter if you are packing up for a move or storing away for another occasion, it’s important to take care while stowing away your crystal. When you pull your Waterford Baltray or Denby Aurora-Clear our of the box you want it to sparkle like new. To save yourself money and heartache in the long run follow these simply packing tips.

Keeping your crystal, like the Baccarat Arcade, safe is as easy as three steps. With so few steps there are new excuses, only ease in keeping your crystal safe.

Step 1: Find a large flat surface so that you can work easily. You don’t want to feel cramped. Take a sheet of newspaper and fully cover the entire surface.

Step 2: Take your precious crystal and put it on its side. Then take the newspaper and pull at a 45-degree angle across the piece of crystal. Now wrap the remaining newspaper around the piece of crystal. You can attach the newspaper to itself with tape.

Step 3: Take another piece of newspaper and rewrap the piece of crystal. Again, you can use a piece of tape to secure the newspaper to itself. Never attach tape to the crystal, this can cause damage.

Once your crystal pieces are safely wrapped you will want to find a box that is big enough to store your pieces without leaving too much or too little room. If you leave too much space the pieces can shift around when the box is moved. If your box is too big, simply stuff bunched up pieces of newspaper around the edges. Bunches of newspaper will be very helpful to put between wrapped pieces of crystal in the box as well.

Take care of your crystal and it will last you for years to come. It’s important to take the few extra steps needed to prevent a nick, crack or break in your treasured pieces.

Baccarat Arcade


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Why You Need to Own China

Taste in china can very widely from Lenox Maywood and Wedgwood Kutani Crane to Mikasa Imperial Lapis and Villeroy & Boch Design Naif. Your preference is as unique as you are. The amazing thing about china is that no matter your creative preference there are still the same reasons you should own a set or two of beautiful china.

Spice up your family events and formal affairs. Fine china can be used for yearly family occasions or black tie events to add a special touch of elegance. Thanks to the wide variety of patterns you can choose a pattern to match your tablescape. Having a beautiful set of china is perfect for those unexpected dinner guests like family members dropping by or hosting a coworker for dinner. China is welcoming while adding a touch of class to every affair.

The sky is the limit. Allow your pattern selection to speak for you. There are literally thousands of patterns for you to choose from, so find one that is uniquely you. Consider having a causal pattern for daily use and a more fanciful pattern for special occasions. Perhaps you would like to invest in a set of china for every season. Beautiful holy for the holidays or delicate flowers for the spring. The great thing is, you aren’t limited to a simple cookie cutter option. Don’t settle for any ole pattern, find the perfect pattern that you will be proud to showcase and entertain with.

What’s mine is yours. Can you imagine the joy that will fill the hearts of future generations of your family, “This china belonged to your great grandmother, it gets passed down to the oldest daughter, and now I’m giving it to you.” Whatever your family tradition, china is the perfect heirloom to share. This is an exciting opportunity to start a legacy that your family can enjoy and remember for countless years to come. When purchasing to share with future generations consider investing in a minimum of six place settings. China isn’t just a beautiful platform for food presentation, it’s history and memories handed down over several generations.

Investing in beauty. Investing in a beautiful pattern can also be an investment in your families future. Well kept antique china can be valued very high by antique dealers. A quality set of fine china only appreciates as time passes, so take care and pride in your pieces. If you choose to purchase modern china, take time to research brands and styles that have a record of appreciation.

Eye candy. Fine china is simply beautiful to admire. The various shapes, colors, patterns, and styles are all aesthetically pleasing. It’s beauty can be used to add classic elegance or whimsical fun to a meal. Share vintage china pieces as decor around the home to add class and homeyness to various rooms. You can even share your love for china with a brightly decorated tea party for the little girls in your life. China is stunning, class, and functional.

No matter the reasons, china is a must have for everyone. How did you come to own your first set of china?

Villeroy & Boch Design Naif

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Spotlight: Wedgwood China Company

This Monday’s company spotlight features Wedgwood China Company of England. Wedgwood provides luxury and elegance with each china piece they create. No matter your taste Wedgwood provides a pattern that you will love. You can expect nothing less than excellence from Wedgwood China Company.

Wedgwood Columbia Gold – This Columbia Gold pattern was manufactured for 15 years by the Wedgwood China company, based in England. The Wedgwood Columbia Gold pattern is an extremly elegant & refined pattern yet provides a bit more excitment with its gold dragons which gives it an intresting look to it & adds a bit of mystique to the Columbia Gold pattern. Wedgwood manufactures several Columbia patterns but not all of them are that similar to each other, for example the Wedgwood Columbia W595 pattern is essentialy the same design if all you are looking at is the pattern design itself, however once you look at the beautiful colors added to the pattern it is hard to tell that they even resemble each other at all. Wedgwood also makes patterns that look quite similar to the Columbia Gold pattern such as  Wedgwood Florentine Gold which has a similar gold dragon design but with a fuller & wider border. There also patterns to the lower end of the price spectrum made by Wedgwood & not quite as elegant but beautiful & sure to please whoever is eating off of it such as the Wedgwood Blue  Heritage pattern.

Wedgwood Charnwood – This Charnwood pattern was manufactured for 36 years by the Wedgwood china company based in the UK. The Wedgwood Charnwood pattern goes heavy on the floral design & is the perfect pattern for spring/summer dining. Usually most Wedgwood patterns are better known for their fixed pattern designs & are not as wild & the colors are not as vivid as the Charnwood pattern is. Even though its not a typical Wedgwood pattern it was a great commercial success. The coloring in the floral design in the Charnwood pattern is similar to the Wedgwood Chinese Flowers pattern. A great crystal match for both patterns is the Varga Majestic Raspberry pattern & would add some international flair to your table.

Wedgwood Chinese Legend – This Chinese Legend pattern was manufactured for 6 years by the Wedgwood China company. If historical story telling and whimsy are what you are looking for than this pattern is exactly what you need. Each piece tells a story dominated with Chinese inspired art. Light blue birds dance in the sky over a quaint bridge. These pieces will surely inspire conversation with your dinner guests.

Wedgwood Chinese Leged


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Holiday Planning Tea Party

It’s that time of year again when we all start thinking and planning parties for the family. Who will be in charge of this or that during the upcoming holiday season? So much planning, so many details, and numerous people. Why not host a Holiday Planning Tea Party to discuss the details with everyone. This is the perfect opportunity to show off your Wedgewood Palatia or Royal Doulton Biltmore, while also ironing out all of the holiday details. Fun and productive!

1. Teas are typically held in the early or later afternoon. Pick a time that works best within your schedule, where you won’t be rushed due to other obligations. You want to have time to set up, host/enjoy, and clean up without feeling the pressure of hurrying.

2. Create some invitations. Sure you could text or call, but it’s fun to receive an actual paper invitation to an event. You can use your computer and basic scrap-booking supplies to create your own or buy pre-made invitations at your local stationary store. If you are in a pinch for time a Facebook invite or email invite would work as well.

3. Tea party supplies you will need: cups, saucers, and a tea pot are all a must. This is the perfect time to use your Lenox Hayworth. You may also want to use a tea strainer and small dish to put the used tea leaves in. Napkins are important if you plan on serving treats, don’t worry we will cover that later. Lastly consider tea additions like milk, sugar, lemon, honey, or peppermint.

4. Now for the fun part, pick your teas. There are many organic stores you can visit or stop by your local market. You will want to have a handful of different varieties for your guests to sample. You could also invite guests to bring their favorite tea to share with the party guests.

5. Treats, a delicious way to keep guests happy while you discuss holiday plans. Pastries, finger sandwiches, and other baked goods are all crowd pleasers. For sandwiches consider small club sandwiches or veggie sandwiches with cream cheese. With pastries and baked goods the sky really is the limit. Purchase from your grocer or search the internet for some creative recipes. A lemon pound cake would be a nice addition to your treat table.

6. The day of your Holiday Planning Tea Party start warming the water 10 to 15 min before your guests are to arrive. This is also the ideal time to set out your treats that may have been stored in the refrigerator. I would recommend having your treats, tea additions, etc in the middle of the table where you all will be sitting to plan. That way you have room to talk, write and enjoy all in the same space.

7. Plan a fabulous holiday season.

That’s it. These easy steps will help you host an amazing Holiday Planning Tea Party that your family and friends will enjoy. Take the stress out of holiday planning by making it a party with warm tea and delicious treats. Happy pre-holiday season everyone.

Wedgwood Palatia

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