Celebrate Your Success by Organizing a Tea Party for Your Colleagues

Success is always meant to be celebrated, no matter how big or small. Are you planning a tea-party for all your office colleagues for your success? Well, a nice pair of cup and saucer set would be a wise addition to your tea-party.

Here are some of the extraordinary selections of the cup and saucer sets that will show them a wonderful time at your tea-party.

Adams Lancaster

Adam Lancaster Flat Cup and Saucer Set

Lancaster is a gorgeous pattern introduced by Adams. Launched in 1969, this elegant dinnerware pattern served for 29 years, before getting discontinued in 1998. It features astonishing red flowers and green leaves on the rim of this flat cup and saucer set.

Your success party would taste even more exquisite with every sip of tea in this beautiful set. Get ready for warm applauds and praises by your guests for this fantastic choice in your tea-party.

Adams Adam 8

Adams & Son Adam 8 Cup and Saucer Set

Adam 8 is a sophisticated pattern that is known for its simple texture and design. The beautiful design of the cup and saucer set features an empress-shaped pattern. Your success will taste even more exquisite with this amazing option to serve your colleagues in the party,.

Astor Place Gold Line

Astor Place Gold Line Cup & Saucer

Gold Line is an elegant pattern that creates a soothing and happening vibe at any special occasion. Introduced by Astor Place, this sophisticated cup & saucer features a golden trim that gives it an attractive appearance. The lustrous look of the cup and saucer serves as the great option for the table-top.

If you want to show your colleagues a great time at the tea-party, Gold Line is nothing short of a real charmer. Just witness the reactions of your guests when they hold this incredible cup in their hands, savouring every sip from it.

All the patterns mentioned in this blog will surely serve as a great option for the tea-party.

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