Classic Table Setting For Your Special Occasion

Classic Table Setting For Your Special Occasion

When it comes to decorating your dinner table, the selection of the right dinnerware can create a huge difference. How about including a white dinnerware? The classic white tableware is not only beautiful but also versatile.  As the dinner set is white in the base, you get an opportunity to blend it easily with the colorful mugs and bowls and set-up an elegant dinner table.

Here are the white dinner sets that help you create a classic table setting for your special occasions – casual or formal.

Richard Ginori Beee

Richard Ginori Beee Cup Only

Beee is a beautiful pattern introduced by Richard Ginori. It features a white background with wavy lines on the surface of the cup, which gives it a sophisticated appearance. The cup has a wide surface area that offers roomy space to your tea or coffee.

Whether you serve tea or coffee, your guests will surely praise you for this classic set.

Royal Doulton Berkshire 

Royal Doulton Berkshire Salad Plate

When you are setting your dinner table for impressing your guests, Royal Doulton’s elegant dinnerware in Berkshire pattern will complement every dish that you will serve. Royal Doulton introduced Berkshire pattern in  1965 that remained active till 1998.

The laurel band and green border on this salad plate give it a classic look. As the main course starts with a salad, so serve your guests with a healthy and colorful salad by decorating it in this salad palate that is designated for service healthy salads

Adams Lancaster

Adams Lancaster Bread and Butter Plate

Lancaster is another white-based unique pattern that can uplift the vibes of your special occasion. It was introduced in 1969 and had a great run in the productions for 29 years before getting discontinued in 1998.

Green and purple leaves,  whimsical red flowers, and blue designing on the rim of this Bread and Butter Plate will give your dinner table an attractive appearance.

All these classic white dinner sets will surely leave you complemented by your guests.

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