Make Your Tea Party a Success with the Best Cup and Saucer Set

Are you hosting a tea party at your house? If you want to make your occasion memorable, a nice pair of cup and saucer set would greatly help.

Here are some of the best collections of footed cup and saucer set that will give your guests a good time indeed!

Wedgwood Williamsburg Potpourri

Wedgwood Williamsburg Potpourri Footed Cup and Saucer Set

Williamsburg Potpourri one of the royal patterns launched by Wedgwood in 1956. It had a great run in the commercial market and served 42 years in productions before getting discontinued in 1998. The beautiful cup and saucer set features a white background with floral imprint at the rim of the saucer and the body of the cup.

Your guests will be honoured of the gesture as they relish the taste of every sip of tea in this elegant selection.

Waterford Colleen

Water Ford Colleen Footed Cup and Saucer Set

Colleen is an elegant dinnerware pattern that features the black platinum band on the rim of the saucer and the upper body of the footed cup. It was introduced in 2001 and served 11 years in the production before getting discontinued in 2012.

As the base of the set is white, it easily blends with other options from your kitchen selection. When you serve tea to your guests in this sophisticated patterned cup and saucer set, they will feel honoured.

Noritake Alamosa

Noritake Alamosa Footed Cup and Saucer Set

Alamosa is a subtle dinnerware pattern that features a smooth background with white and grey leaves on the rim. The dinnerware pattern was introduced by Noritake in 1997 and served for three years in the production before getting discontinued in 2000.

The fruit and leaf engraving on the upper body of the footed cup gives it a royal look. Let your guests savour the taste of the tea with every sip in Alamosa pattern.

All these dinnerware patterns will add value to your tea party!

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