Host a Successful Tea Party with the Best Cup and Soccer Set

Are you thinking of hosting a tea party for your friends? You must be feeling overwhelmed with the thought of spending enjoyable time together and planning to make great arrangements for the party. Along with the beautiful decoration, your selected cup and saucer set will also help you to make your party successful.

To help you out, here are the best cup and saucer sets for you!

Lenox Kristy

Lenox Kristy Footed Cup & Saucer Set

Lenox introduced its Kristy pattern in 1993. This simple yet elegant pattern got out of production in the year 2003. The pattern showcases gold and black bands on the white base. This cup and saucer set by Lenox with Kristy pattern is perfect for any of your formal tea party.

You can enjoy your “high” tea with your office colleagues or any of your other formal occasions with this graceful cup and saucer set.

Lenox McKinley

Lenox McKinley Footed Cup & Saucer Set

Lenox introduced another classic pattern McKinley in the year 1984. The beautiful pattern with enameled dots and the gray band got out of production in 2005. The golden trim and designing in this cup and saucer set give it a royal touch.

When you serve your guests in this luxurious cup and saucer set, it will give make your guests feel honored.

Lenox Richelieu Court

Lenox Richelieu Court Footed Cup & Saucer Set

Richelieu Court pattern by Lenox came into existence in 1989 and got discontinued in 1996. The scrolls and the golden trim on the cup and saucer set give it a rich look.

Making this beautiful cup and saucer set a part of your party will make you flooded with compliments.

Enjoy your party while sipping tea from these beautiful cup and saucer sets. To serve snacks or main course, you can also go for dinnerware of the same patterns.

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