Everything about Choosing Dinnerware

Everything about Choosing Dinnerware

From casual to formal, we have dinnerware collection designed for every day and every special occasion. You can mix and match different patterns of the dinnerware to enjoy your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Your selected patterns will work together for all your small or large, friends and family gatherings.

As you are never going to set the same table repeatedly, here is the best collection of white dinnerware that can be combined to arrange a beautiful table.

Bernardaud Antinea Anthracite

Bernardaud Antinea Anthracite 5 Piece Place Setting

Bernardaud introduced this Antinea Anthracite pattern with gray marble band, phoebe shape, and gold trim in 1993. It got discontinued in 2007. This 5 piece place setting in the white ground is an elegant dinnerware that can be easily matched with other sets. It will set an elegant and sophisticated table to give your guests a lasting impression.

Bernardaud Madison Platinum

Bernardaud Madison Platinum 5 Piece Place Setting

This Madison Platinum is the pattern by Bernardaud in a white base. The brand introduced this design in 1997 that got discontinued in 2011. This 5 piece place setting with platinum encrusted, phoebe, and gold trim will set a classy table for you. As the dinner set is white-colored, matching it with other sets would also not be tough.

Ceralene Festivite

Ceralene Festivite Flat Cup & Saucer Set

Festivite pattern by Ceralene was introduced in 1986 that got out of production in 1996, after remaining active for 10 years. With green accents and garland, this beautiful pattern becomes ideal for all special occasions. It can even be mixed with any of the white dinnerware to serve big gatherings.

Be it a small or large gathering of your friends or family, all these beautiful designs in the white base are sure to set the mood of any occasion.

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