Table Takes Centre Stage with Wedgwood Dinnerware

Your dining table becomes the centre of attraction when you set it in style with the beautiful dinnerware. The decorated tableware is much more than crockery used for serving food. It makes your meals look more tempting and also sets the mood of the place while giving the best dining experience.

While selecting a new dinnerware, invest time in finding the right dinner set. As you get an opportunity to purchase the one that lets you enjoy your meals or dishes for years to come.

Are you also looking for an ideal dinnerware that meets your taste? Here is the ideal collection of Wedgwood dinnerware for you!

About Wedgwood

Wedgwood is an England based company, founded by Josiah Wedgwood in 1759. He started it as an independent potter. It was his innovation and creativity that made him popular as “Father of English Potters.” He created the best earthenware for Queen Charlotte, and got styled himself as “Potter to Her Majesty.” Wedgwood also created pieces for Catherine the Great of Russia, and Queen Elizabeth II.

Wedgwood Dinnerware Collection

Wedgwood has created many unique and beautiful patterns. Some of his works are listed here:

Wedgwood Grosgrain

Wedgwood Grosgrain Rice Bowl & Lid

This simple and sophisticated pattern was introduced by the brand in 2000 and is still in production. The pattern with platinum rings, trim and dots make this Rice Bowl & Lid an ideal piece for your everyday use or formal occasions.

Wedgwood India

Wedgwood India 5 Piece Place Setting

With Tan and Black bands on cream base and floral spray, Wedgwood introduced India pattern in 1996. The vibrant design got out of production in 2019. The beautiful designing of this 5 Piece Place Setting makes it a perfect gift material. You can also make it a part of your special occasions.

Wedgwood Kutani Crane

Wedgwood Kutani Crane Rim Soup Bowl

The Kutani Crane pattern was introduced in 1971 and got discontinued in 1998. Its beautiful design on bona chine Rim Soup Bowl features two cranes nested on bamboo and also has floral detailing.  The design represents a meaningful symbolism. As in many Asian cultures, the crane is linked with longevity, prosperity, and good fortune.

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