White Dinnerware for Formal Occasions

Whether the dinnerware has some designs and pattern on the white base or is entirely white, it is ideal for any formal occasion. Based on its creation or prints, it can even be used at a casual party. The choice is yours!

Being white in the base, it also keeps you care-free about getting a matching table setting that goes well with the decor of the dining room or tabletop. If you are also looking for the one for your formal event then here is the top collection for you.

Wedgwood Columbia White (Center Medallion, Green Trim)

Wedgwood Columbia (W595) 5 Piece Place Setting

Josiah Wedgewood, the founder of the Wedgewood Company, launched the Columbia White pattern in 1924 that remained active for many years and then got discontinued in the year 1997. This 5 Piece Place Setting with yellow griffons and floral on a white base, when decorated on table space, sets the mood of the formal occasion.

Wedgwood Cornucopia

Wedgwood Cornucopia 5 Piece Place Setting

This is another beautiful print on a white base that can instantly uplift the mood of your guests at the formal party. Cornucopia pattern with cobalt, blue and tan colored designing was launched by the brand in 1995 and is still in production. The design from the mythical “Horn of Plenty” features legendary creatures like satyrs and unicorns.

This fine bone china 5 Piece Place Setting when mixed with the other pieces of the collection, it displays a perfect formal dinner setting.

Wedgwood Countryware

Wedgwood Countryware 5 Piece Place Setting

The all-white Countryware pattern by Wedgewood with embossed leaves and no trim is the most sophisticated design that makes it perfect for a formal occasion. This elegant design of the dinnerware came into existence in 1970 and remained active till 2006.

The beautiful textured finish of this 5 Piece Place Setting pattern is the most versatile and distinctive design of the brand.

Decorate your dining table with the collection of white dinnerware that serves all the occasion and especially turns the formal dining occasion into a special and memorable event that is worth of praise.

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