Host a Formal Party with Classic Dinner Sets

While hosting an official dinner party or luncheon, nothing can set the mood as dinner sets do!

If you are also looking for the best dinner sets for your party, then you can go with Bone China patterns. The delicate designs of Bone China can create a beautiful table setting for your party. They will liven up the occasion and make your guests enjoy their meals even more.

Take a look at the awesome designs of Wedgwood Dinnerware!


Founded in 1759, Josiah Wedgwood started it in England as an independent potter. It’s his innovation and creativity that made him famous as “Father of English Potters.” Some of the best patterns are here for you.

Wedgwood Columbia Blue & Gold

Wedgwood Columbia-Blue & Gold Footed Cream Soup Bowl & Saucer Set

Founded in 1978, the pattern got discontinued in 1997. Gold griffons and flowers on the blue band can set the mood of any party. If you are thinking of it for a formal party, it could be the best choice.

The golden and blue colored designing on the white base takes the looks of this cream soup bowl and saucer set to another level. Go for it to create a lasting impression on your guests.

Wedgwood Columbia Gold

Wedgwood Columbia-Gold (Gold Flowers, white Body) Leigh Shaped Footed Cup & Saucer

Selecting the dinnerware by understanding the theme of the party is the best approach for hosting a successful party. This Leigh shaped footed cup and saucer set in the Columbia Gold pattern have gold griffons and flowers on white base and is perfect for an official party. The design was introduced in 1964 and remained active till 1979.

Wedgwood Columbia Sage Green

Wedgwood Columbia-Sage Green Rim 5 Piece Place Setting

Columbia Sage Green by Wedgwood is another sophisticated design that was introduced in 1966. After remaining active for many years, this elegant design was out of production in 2014. Gold griffons and flowers on the sage green rim give this 5 Piece Place Setting an attractive look.

Go for these incredible dinner sets to make your guests reminisce the party for long.

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