Decorate Your Dinner Table with Antique Dinnerware

Do you want to give an appealing look to your dining table?  If yes then you can do it by decorating with new antique dinner sets. The colorful and unique sets when reach your table space will surely get you flooded with compliments.

Your prepared food will look more tempting when served in these classic sets. Look for the pattern that catches your attention and make it part of your kitchen without any delay.

Chateaubriand Blue

Bernardaud Chateaubriand Blue 5 Piece Place Setting

Bernardaud launched the Chateaubriand Blue pattern in 1972, which is active till now. This colorful 5 piece place setting when reaches your table gives the dining table a vibrant look. When you serve your guests in this set that is designed with pink and blue flowers and blue laurel rim, it will make them feel special.


Bernardaud Grace Flat Cup

The Grace pattern by Bernardaud was launched way back in 2000 and is active till now. With a beautiful design of gold floral and trim, and light and dark blue rim, the flat cup can be made a part of any occasion. Serve tea or coffee to your guests in this fine-looking cup or use it in your daily routine, the cup in its delicate colors seeks everyone’s attention.


Bing & Grondahl Seagull Dinner Plate

Bing & Grondahl’s Seagull pattern was launched in 1895 and remained active till 1997. The dinner plate with a blue background and gold trim has a seagull in the center of the plate. When you serve food in this beautiful dinner plate, it will beautify your dining space.

Invite your guests and serve them in these classic sets. They will enjoy having food in these dinner sets that have lovely patterns.

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