Set Up Your Dining Table in Vintage Style

After you buy a gorgeous dining table, you wish to accessorize it with a unique style and personality. Adding vintage elements of style in the dining room is one of the best ways to keep your home looking stylish and elegant.

Are you looking for some tableware to style your dining table in a vintage style?

If yes, then Royal Albert dinnerware, Baccarat glassware, and classic collectibles are some which increase the curb appeal of your dining room as well as the kitchen.

Cup & Saucer Royal Albert Petit Point

In dinnerware, Royal Albert Petit Point BY Royal Albert is the perfect vintage piece that you can add in your kitchen collection. Multi-colored floral sprays on its white background make this dinnerware more impressive and attractive.

Dinner Plate Royal Albert Rose Cloud

You can match the Royal Albert Petit Point with another classic collection of the same brand that is Royal Albert Rose Clouds. The pink roses on white porcelain double the taste of any meal. Your guests feel special on a dinner party at your home as you serve them in a vintage yet unique dinnerware.

Baccarat Arcade for Red Wine

A classic set of glassware is necessary for a vintage touch to the dinner table. It’s the glass, not the drink that your guests first notice. So, having classic glasses on a table or bar not only makes them feel special but also reflects your taste and personality. Baccarat Arcade is one which you can add to in your collection of vintage tableware. It gives you and your guests a royal feel while drinking red wine.

Baccarat Carcassonne Sherbet Glass

There is Baccarat Carcassonne which will complement the Baccarat Arcade and best for serving sherbet, wine, and water. Also, the alluring shape of this glassware serves the purpose of the decorative piece too. Get ready to welcome your guests in the coming Christmas party in vintage style with classic tableware.

Royal Albert

Albert works were built in 1846 and Thomas Wild bought the company in 1896. He started manufacturing dinnerware for Queen Victoria’s coming Diamond Jubilee. In 1904 the owner of the company changed its name to Royal Albert. Royal Albert is famous for its feminine and floral designs inspired by English country gardens.


Baccarat was established in 1764 by King Louis XV. Since then, an award-winning crystal manufacturer has been servicing royalties in the world. Baccarat is known for its elegant designs.

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