Fitz and Floyd Cloisonné Peony

Fitz and Floyd was founded by Pat Fitzpatrick and Bob Floyd in Dallas in 1960.  It started out as an import company.  From importing ceramic products, they decided to make their own and now, more than 50 years later, the company is known for its tableware, homeware, as well as collectibles and other seasonal items.

Just like this collection, the Fitz and Floyd Cloisonné’ Peony, which the company produced for more than a decade.  It has a stunning design featuring a white center with a thick black band, pink and purple peonies, and gold trimmings.

Fitz and Floyd Cloisonné Peony – Black 5-Piece Place Setting


If you thought that was stunning, you should see these other pieces from the collection:

Fitz and Floyd Cloisonné Peony – Black Cookie Plate

Fitz and Floyd Cloisonné Peony – Black Fluted Bowl

Fitz and Floyd Cloisonné Peony – Black Accent Salad Plate

Cloisonné is actually an ancient technique for decorating that has been modernized and applied to this collection.  It is a technique that has been perfected in China.  No wonder this pattern has an Oriental vibe to it.

This collection is available in Black and White.

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