What to Do with Leftover Holiday Food

We are in the middle of Thanksgiving and Christmas and chances are, you still have not consumed all the food you prepared for Thanksgiving.  It will not be long before you prepare your Christmas feast too.

So what to do with all those leftover food from Thanksgiving or Christmas?

If you have leftover potatoes (sweet or otherwise), you may make them into biscuits or pudding. Leftover mains such as turkey can be used as a filling for croquettes, potpies or turnovers. Cranberry can be made into muffins, tartlets, and other pastries.

Serve them in fine china and they will hardly look like leftovers.  Try the Derby Panel (Green) by Royal Crown Derby.  It is a collection that is fit for royalty.

Derby Panel (Green) by Royal Crown Derby 5-Piece Place Setting

Derby Panel (Green) by Royal Crown Derby 5-Piece Place Setting

All you have to do now is invite your guests over for tea time to savor the food and gloss over this pristine collection.

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