3 Ways to Set Your Table for Thanksgiving

Just like an altar is to the church, the Thanksgiving table is to your home.  It simply sets the mood for your Thanksgiving dinner because it is the first thing that your guests will see and not the food that you are preparing.

Here are three ways you can go about setting your table for Thanksgiving:

  1. Basic

You will only need the following:  Dinner Plate, Cloth Napkin, Fork, Knife, Spoon, Water Glass, and Wine Glass.  Cloth napkins are ideal for the occasion because it sends the message that dinner is going to be special.  Just fold the napkin in a rectangle, with the cloth’s spine facing right. You may place this on the plate itself or under the fork which is on the left of the plate. The knife and spoon go to the right side of the plate with the knife’s blade facing inwards to indicate a lack of aggression toward one’s tablemate to the right.  Water and wine glasses go above the knife.

  1. Informal

Just add the following pieces to your basic table setting:  salad fork and a bread plate & butter knife placed above the forks.

  1. Formal

Place a charger under your dinner plate then add a dessert fork & spoon above it.  Add a salad plate on the left side of the forks.  With a formal table setting, you can also go all out on your stemware so bring out the red wine glass, white wine glass, champagne flute or sherry glass.

It goes without saying that you should start with a tablecloth.  You can also place a runner across the tablecloth to add color to your setting.

Accessorize with unscented candles to add some glow (to the table and your guests too) as well as flowers and fruits in season.  Keep the centerpiece low though so as not to obstruct eye contact and conversation among your guests.  If you still want to have a tall centerpiece, keep it slim so as not to distract your guests.

Do create place cards so your guests will know where to navigate, taking into account the personalities and sensitivities of each of your guests.  Play some music too in order to fill in any awkward silence that might ensue especially if your guests are meeting each other for the first time.

Now that we have covered the “how”, let us tackle the “when”.  If you can set the table the day before Thanksgiving, the less frazzled you will be.  This way, you can focus on preparing the food and still have time to freshen up before your guests arrive.

Of course, keep in mind that holidays such as Thanksgiving is the time to showcase your best dinnerware.  And nothing is more suitable for your Thanksgiving table than our Richard Ginori Palermo collection.  Available in black, blue, green, and red (rust), its minimalist design will go with any table setting plan you choose to adopt.

Richard Ginori Palermo -Black  5-Piece Place Setting

Richard Ginori Palermo -Black
5-Piece Place Setting


Richard Ginori Palermo - Green  5-Piece Place Setting

Richard Ginori Palermo – Green
5-Piece Place Setting

Richard Ginori Palermo - Red (Rust) 5-Piece Place Setting

Richard Ginori Palermo – Red (Rust)
5-Piece Place Setting

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