How to Select the Best Wine Glass

In the blog 4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Crystal Stemware, we have established that crystal works best with wine.

But did you know that the shape of the glass you use for your wine also affects how it tastes?

In a study that came out in February 2015, a Japanese group of chemists (Yes, there is a science to wine tasting in case you didn’t know.) developed a special camera that captured the images of ethanol vaporization of wine using three different glasses:  a cocktail glass, a straight glass, and a wine glass.  In the study, the wine glass shape performed the best for delivering aroma in a consistent ring around the rim.  Remember that wine glasses are thin at the rim.  The thin rim allows for better circulation of the aroma as well as taste.

And this is why it is very important to pick the right-shaped wine glass to ensure that your wine tastes the best it possibly can.  But with so many glass shapes out there, how do you know which is best for you?  Well, as a rule of thumb, remember the following:

Red Wine

Red wines (full-bodied, light-bodied, rose or spicy) are typically served in larger bowled glasses.  The larger surface area allows the ethanol to evaporate more quickly.  In so doing, it delivers more aroma and you smell less of the ethanol since it is farther from your nose.  In the process, you taste less of the bitter, minty, spicy flavor too.  The wider opening simply makes make the wine taste smoother.

Varga Verona Bordeaux Wine Glass

Varga Verona Bordeaux Wine Glass

White Wine

White wines (fortified sweet, light-bodied, or sparkling) are typically served in smaller bowled glasses.  This is to preserve and deliver more floral aroma and also to maintain cooler temperature.

Varga Imperial Wine Glass

Varga Imperial Wine Glass

And there you have it.  Wine glass shopping simplified.

Select your crystal stemware collection now so you will be prepared to host your own wine tasting.

Then you will experience for yourself the difference glass makes.

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