4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Crystal Stemware

Crystal, known for its clarity, has long been used in the service of wine and other spirits. It is the choice of wine connoisseurs because its clear over all appearance allows the drinker to assess the color and viscosity of the wine or liquor.

Its bright reflective quality also allows fine wine glasses to actually sparkle.  Perfect for your champagne and other bubblies.

Another benefit of crystal is its ability to be spun thin. This is useful specifically for wine glasses at the rim where it can be very thin, but still heavier and more durable.  This allows for a more direct sip.

And let us not forget the other aesthetic qualities of crystal stemware which adds vibrance to your table setting:  its silver, sometimes purple, hue; plus, its refractive quality causing it to cast a rainbow prism effect when held up to the light.

Because wine appreciation is not just simply about the taste but also the enjoyment of the ambiance and aesthetics, crystal stemware can make the experience of the beverage better overall.

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Waterford Castlemaine Champagne Flute

Waterford Castlemaine Champagne Flute

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