4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in China

Are you still undecided in making that first china purchase?

Well, here are 4 reasons to convince you:

  1. With proper care, the quality of the china is preserved and its value appreciates.  Take the case of Royal Copenhagen’s Flora Danica Collection, said to be the most expensive china in the world.  A 20-piece service of this collection now costs $29,500!  Should you need money for emergency or whatever purpose, you can actually sell your china collection for much, much more than what you initially paid for it.  Especially here at Classic Replacements where we give you the lowest prices. As mentioned in the last blog – what drives the price is the craftsmanship of the china that dates back to centuries.  In the present world where everything is instant, craftsmanship has become a forgotten skill.
  2. Speaking of craftsmanship, if you are a true art aficionado, you know that china is one of the best representations of visual art. No words are needed for you to appreciate these works of art.  Anna Weatherley’s collection is an example.  Each piece is a masterpiece, delicately handpainted, not lacking in detail.  To display or to use – the choice is entirely up to you.
  3. Using china also gives you a taste of royalty. After all, fine china was originally manufactured only for the emperors or the royal family, you know.  Think of all the meaningful conversations you will have as you gather around the dining table with your family and friends.  And your guests will surely commend your sophisticated taste.
  4. Lastly, china is an heirloom that you can pass from generation to generation. It is a lifetime legacy for your grandchildren and even great grandchildren to remember you by.  What better reason could there be?

Are you convinced already?  Take that first bold step.  Click now.

Anna Weatherley Ivy Garland Flat Cup & Saucer Set

Anna Weatherley Ivy Garland Flat Cup & Saucer Set

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