Focus: Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica Collection

In our blog How to Care for Your China, we discussed the value of china and how proper care is important for its preservation and value appreciation.

Today, we’ll focus on what is said to be the most expensive china in the world – Royal Copenhagen’s Flora Danica collection.

Want to know the story behind it?  Here goes.

Having taken an interest in botany, King Frederik V of Denmark commissioned the Flora Danica botanical encyclopedia in 1761.  The encyclopedia consisted of more than 3000 of engraved copper plates featuring Danish flowers and plants hand painted by acclaimed artist Johann Christoph Bayer. The encyclopedia was completed only in 1874 (more than a century later).

It was this botanical encyclopedia that was adapted by Royal Copenhagen for its Flora Danica collection in 1790.  It was also Bayer who initially painted the first productions of the collection – until he lost his sight.  You can say that this was his life’s work.

Truly luxurious, the Flora Danica Collection was created as a gift from royalty to royalty and is still used by kings and queens today.

The details of the paintings combined with the quality of the porcelain make each piece an absolute treasure.

What drives the price, you ask?  Craftsmanship that dates back to centuries.  In the present world where everything is instant, craftsmanship has become a forgotten skill.

Turn back time with our Royal Copenhagen collection.

Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica Collection

Royal Copenhagen Flora Danica Collection (Source: Pinterest)

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