Easter Gift Ideas

Easter Gift Ideas

What comes to your mind during Easter season?  The Easter egg, right?

Ever wondered how the Easter egg came to be?

Well, historians say that the egg is said to symbolize the tomb of Christ’s resurrection.  And the Easter egg hunt, according to Professor Lizette Larson-Miller of the Graduate Theological Union of Berkeley, can be traced to the Protestant Christian Reformer Martin Luther.  She said that Luther had egg hunts where the men hid the eggs for women and children to find.  Reverend Mary Jane Pierce Norton, the Associate General Secretary of Leadership Ministries at the General Board of Discipleship, supplemented this by saying that finding the eggs was like experiencing the joy that the women had when they learned that Christ had indeed resurrected.

So how would you like to rekindle that joy in the eyes of your loved ones when you gift them with the following collectibles from Classic Replacements?

Chamart Collectibles

Chamart Limoges Hinged Blue Striped Goose Egg Box (also available in green, orange and pink).

Chamart Limoges Hinged Blue Tulip Egg Box

Chamart Limoges Hinged Enameled Egg Box

Chamart Limoges Hinged Mosaic Tree Egg Box

Chamart Limoges Hinged Yellow Goose Egg Box (also available in pink).

Limoges Collectibles

Limoges Aquamarine Goose Egg

Limoges Blue Bow Goose Egg

Limoges Blue Garland Goose Egg

Limoges Blue Print Goose Egg

Limoges Coral Rose Egg

Limoges Cracker Orange Egg

Limoges Dogwood Egg

Limoges English Garden Egg

Limoges Field Bouquet Egg

Limoges Gilt Gold Egg

Limoges Green Gold Eagle Egg

Limoges Lorraine Goose Egg

Limoges Pale Blue Egg

Limoges Red Heart Egg

Limoges Snake Egg

Lastly, what’s Easter without an Easter Bunny, right?  So here’s another Easter gift idea that you can give to your child – the Neiman Marcus Bunny Rabbit Piggy Bank by Lyn Chase.


Peter Priess Handpainted Easter Eggs

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