Summer Patterns

Ah…summer!  With the kids on school break, this is a season which is more often than not characterized by vacations and family bonding over meals.  An opportune time to update your china collection indeed!

We at Classic Replacements would like to make life easier for you by scaling down the choices.  So hang loose as we give you a rundown of our summer collection.

Lenox, the ever-prolific china manufacturer from the US, is of at the top of the list of course with its wide summer collection:

Lenox Summer Breeze

Lenox Summer Harvest

Lenox Summer Spice

Lenox Summer Terrace – Casual design consisting of ivy garland with blue flowers and rosebuds.

Lenox Summer Terrace Earthware

Lenox Summer Terrace (Majolica)

Lenox Summer Wind

Not to be outdone is Noritake of Japan.  Imagine having a beachfront meal with their summer collection:

Noritake Summer Estate*

Noritake Summer Magic*

Or you can party like the royals do with the Royal Doulton Summer Collection:

Royal Doulton Summer Days

Royal Doulton Summer Song

An interesting fact about the royals is they usually live in a different palace for each season.  Do you fancy having tea in a summer palace?  Try the Spode Summer Palace collection.

Truly there is no shortage of choices to keep your home (and your table) from looking in full bloom!

Johnson Brothers Summer Chintz

Johnson Brothers Summer Chintz

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