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Your Choice of Dinnerware Says a Lot about You!

It used to be that fine china was manufactured only for the emperors or the royal family. There was even a time when porcelain was used only for decoration and not to serve food.  (Think of the dinnerware stored in … Continue reading

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Easter Gift Ideas

Easter Gift Ideas What comes to your mind during Easter season?  The Easter egg, right? Ever wondered how the Easter egg came to be? Well, historians say that the egg is said to symbolize the tomb of Christ’s resurrection.  And … Continue reading

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Summer Patterns

Ah…summer!  With the kids on school break, this is a season which is more often than not characterized by vacations and family bonding over meals.  An opportune time to update your china collection indeed! We at Classic Replacements would like … Continue reading

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Spring is Coming!

With the dreadful winter that people are experiencing, everybody is just looking forward to spring – a season of new beginnings.  Let your home (and your dining table!) reflect the joyous and vibrant spirit of spring.  Consider investing in china … Continue reading

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