Lenox Crystal

Because the Lenox company has been around since 1889, it is well-known for its production of high quality china. In addition to being a bone china manufacturer in the United States, Lenox is also known for its Presidential collection that decorates the White House. In addition to these, though, Lenox also has a large and fine selection of beautiful crystal.

Most of the Lenox crystal patterns fall within the same sort of visual category. Now, that’s not to say that there’s any sort of monotony to the patterns, but rather that they all seem to have a classic beauty to them. Many of the patterns are of minimalist design, with a clear bowl, simple stems, and perhaps a gold or platinum accent rim. Overall, if you are looking for a pattern to add to your crystal collection, or perhaps even something for starting a new collection, Lenox crystal is a great option if you want to have timeless pieces that stand the test of time.

Here are a few patterns to take a look at:

Lenox Aria
Lenox Ariel
Lenox Hancock Platinum
Lenox Lace Point
Lenox Moonspun

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