Varga Crystal

Varga is a popular crystal company based in Hungary. Their pieces are highly collectible, and for good reason: each is mouth blown and of the highest quality. Varga’s intricate process of copper point and diamond wheel engraving is not only an admirable technique to master, but it also immensely adds to the beauty of the pieces. Because of all that goes in to making each Varga item, you can rest assured that whatever pattern you get will truly be unique and one of a kind.

Many Varga patterns are clear and most feature an etched design or some sort of engraving. This results in a sort of look that is ready to take on any situation, whether you are hosting a formal gathering or having an informal get together. Clear crystal is always a go-to option, and the engravings allow visual interest without going overboard. Matching with other china and flatware becomes easy as these timeless pieces fit in almost anywhere. Napoli Bordeaux is a great example of this, though if you want something a bit more themed, Out Of Africa is just the right fit.

In addition to these, you can also find many colored patterns by Varga. These options are great for matching with a more neutral table setting to add in a burst of color, or, if you really enjoy a strong and bold look, you can take colored crystal and pair it with colored china. Something convenient, too, is that many of Varga’s colored patterns will be available in a wide range of color options, such as Safari Green and Safari Sky Blue.

Varga Out Of Africa

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