Wedgwood China Patterns

Wedgwood is a brand to look into no matter what sort of china pattern you are looking for. The company has a wide variety of patterns in different styles, perfect whether you want something graceful and delicate or something strong and bold. The hardest part might just be picking which is your favorite.

Wedgwood Charnwood and Wedgwood Quince are two organically styled patterns, Charnwood with its flowers and butterflies and and Quince with its colorful selection of fruit. These are great options for the springtime, or if you like to enjoy nature in your home during all times of the year. Plus, the colors allow for easy coordinating with a huge range of table settings.

Wedgwood Ulander Black and Wedgwood Ascot are likely more on the formal end of the spectrum, with classic and chic border designs. Ulander Black has a gold trim and verge with a subtle white and black border, and Ascot goes all out with a gorgeous gold rim. Either is a good choice for more classy occasions.

If you want something that is somewhere in the middle, though, then definitely check out the popular Wedgwood Runnymeade.

Wedgwood Charnwood

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