Embellished Patterns

Solid colored patterns have their charm, but there’s also something special about patterns with a few more details. That’s not to say you should immediately jump to patterns completely covered in designs, but why not enjoy a little embellishment in your table setting? Fancier patterns can add that extra flair to help you achieve just the right look.

For example, from farther away, Royal Doulton English Renaissance may appear to have a solid border. However, when you look closer, you’ll see that it has an intricate series of gold scrolls decorating each piece. Wedgwood Florentine Gold is similar in this respect, with an elegant white gold border and decorative griffins.┬áIf both of these are too bold, Noritake Ardmore Platinum keeps things subtle with a small scrolled border.

You don’t have to stop at china, either. Silver and flatware patterns can also have certain shapes or designs that give them a classy vibe. Reed & Barton French Chippendale is a great example.

Noritake Ardmore Platinum

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