Platinum Accents

Subtle accents are perfect for those who want that extra flare in their table setting without going too bold or overboard. While gold is an extremely popular accent color, there is a certain elegance and charm that comes with platinum accents. There are plenty of options available that have intricate and ornate platinum details, but sometimes less is more.

Take Lenox Federal Platinum for example. The composition of the pattern is simple, but that is where the beauty of it lies. The platinum trim and verge are displayed gorgeously atop a clean white background, leaving a delicate impression that can add beauty to any table.

For a look with higher contrast, you could always check out Pickard Platinum Necklace. The idea is similar again, with the attention drawn to the trim and verge, but their is more weight to the pattern. To stretch even further, Mikasa Palatial Platinum is a popular pattern that proudly displays platinum details while still remaining classic and chic.

Lenox Federal Platinum

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