Visually Similar Patterns

Each brand has their own sort of distinctive style, but of course many patterns that are made across brands can still be visually similar. If you want a particular look, or if you are a fan of a certain brand, or you like the cost of one pattern over the other, then this can be a helpful bit of knowledge.

If you want a strong and bold look, then you may be interested in Bernardaud Madison Platinum. It has a platinum band but also has a gold trim and verge on a white background, making it a great pattern for those looking to match a lot of other pieces or start their collection. If you love the idea of this pattern but the execution isn’t completely perfect for your liking, then go ahead and keep the look in mind as you browse some other patterns.

Noritake Fitzgerald is a similar pattern with a high-contrast, strong look and gold details on a white background. Even further, Lenox Jefferson fits the bill while adding a little bit more color and a cream background. All of these patterns share a common visual theme with slight variations that can help you achieve exactly the appearance that you are looking for.

Lenox Jefferson

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