Another Type of Formal

When it comes to formal tableware, it is common to think of timeless patterns with a classic beauty, or patterns with a royal look that is both bold and strong. Of course, both of those can fit the bill, but there certainly are more options to choose from. If you are somebody who likes your fine dining pieces to have a little bit more of an organic edge, then all you have to do is pay attention to the details.

A good place to start would be thinking about a floral pattern. By the very nature of flowers, these designs will have many more rounded features and shapes, and can range greatly in their choice of color. Sometimes it may seem like these patterns are a bit too niche or kitsch, but if you have a formal look in mind, you will be able to find what you are looking for. Mottahedah Duke of Gloucester is a great example of a more formal looking floral design, or, if the fruits and flowers are too much, Royal Crown Derby Carlton Green is similar.

Perhaps those are both too over the top for what you want, though. You can go even smaller with the details to have a more subtle effect. Try Noritake Ardmore Platinum. It has a trim based design that has a lot of curved and flowing shapes and scrolls within the platinum. Similarly, in keeping the idea small, Reed & Barton French Chippendale has a leafy, almost ocean-like flow to it.

Reed & Barton French Chippendale

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