Christian Dior Patterns

While Christian Dior was originally a maker of women’s clothing, the company has branched out into the world of fine china. Their china pursuits don’t have hundreds of years of history like some other companies, but Christian Dior is already making a mark and finding a unique and easy to recognize style.

A good example of this style would be their Casablanca pattern. ┬áIt has a large border based design with a beautiful gold detail. The gold on patterns similar to this one is 24 carat and often features the company’s insignia. Renaissance also shares these details, and sheds light on another signature Christian Dior style staple: a clean white background.

While many patterns would look amazing with a nice white background and some fancy gold details, Christian Dior takes it up a notch by using designs that are bursting with even more color. Dior Rose is a more traditional looking example, and patterns like Tabriz or Gaudron Malachite Green really lay it on thick for a strong and bold look.

Christian Dior Gaudron Malachite Green

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