Pattern Pairs

There are so many different patterns of china, crystal, and silverware out there that it is easy to get wrapped up in how many choices there are. Don’t worry, though, because if you’re concerned with finding pieces that are a good match for each other, you won’t need to wade through all of the options to find the perfect pair. Thankfully, many patterns share common elements that can be used to match them together.

Take, for example, Christian Dior’s Bijoux crystal pattern. The pattern itself is very simple yet has a notable gold ring stem detail. You can work with this detail and find other patterns that also show off a little bit of gold. Many china patterns have this, whether its part of a pattern’s decor or it’s placed on the rim, such as on the newer Lenox Bellaire set. Of course, there are also flatware patterns that have gold details, too, like Yamazaki Ramona Gold.

William Yeoward Cora is a crystal pattern that has no gold on it, but instead has a criss-cross and sort of twisting stem design. This can work well with a more geometric pattern, such as Wedgwood Collonade Black. The shared linear elements in the two patterns can make for a very cohesive and put together look.

Wedgwood Colonnade Black

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