Wedgwood Florals

Floral, nature-inspired, and organic patterns are something that Wedgwood has a knack for. It’s no surprise that even individual pieces made by Wedgwood can be presented as pieces of art because the company has had plenty of time to pursue greater talent, having been around since 1759. Whether you’re looking for something bold or subtle, the company’s skill with this sort of design has you covered.

For a traditional looking floral pattern, take a look at Wedgwood Osborne. It maintains the general appearance of a solid border and verge design with a center decal, though these elements are made with strings of yellow and blue flowers. If you want something even more subtle, though, you could always try Wedgwood Constantine, which is less directly about flowers and more about organic and nature-inspired shapes. Constantine has a whimsical look to it, making it seem like something out of a fairy tale. If you want a pattern that goes all out, try Wedgwood Williamsburg Potpourri. It has bouquets of flowers around the rim and hosts another set of greenery and birds in the center.

Wedgwood Osborne

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