Holiday Selections

Patterns are often made to be perfect for almost any occasion, depending on their level of formality, the colors used, and the general themes in the design. Other patterns are most specific and are better for use at special occasions, more casual events, or in this case, seasons. With the holiday season upon us, why not reflect the season’s greetings with a set of china?

A pattern like Cuthbertson Christmas Tree is just right for those who want a pattern with a clear Christmas theme. Even if you aren’t using this set to eat with, the Christmas tree picture present on the pieces can still help you to decorate. If you want a pattern that is more about the winter season in general than it is about Christmas, then Royal Doulton Carlyle is a good option. It has a deep blue color with a floral design arranged to look similar to a snowflake.

For something a little in the middle of those, you could always go for Lenox Holiday with its green holly design, or Lenox Winter Greetings with its beautiful birds and red ribbons.

Lenox Winter Greetings

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