Simply Beautiful Patterns

Some of the most popular china patterns are very simple in their designs. Though there are plenty of bold and heavily decorated patterns to choose from, sometimes all you need is the right set with a simple beauty. A very popular way of achieving this is by focusing on the rims of the pieces. Lenox Federal Cobalt is a good example of this sort of look. It has the beautiful deep cobalt color mixed with a gold trim, making for a gorgeous look but still allowing the focus to be on your food. Minton’s popular St. James pattern is visually similar to this as well.

Not only will patterns like this help your meals look delicious, but they can also easily work well with a huge range of crystal, flatware, and even other china patterns. You will get a wide variety of different possible looks with the same pattern all depending on how you dress your table, and you won’t need to worry about these sort of designs not fitting the occasion. Lenox Hayworth is a straightforward pattern with a gold verge and trim that is both extremely popular and well-suited for either formal or informal gatherings. From there, you can branch to something more simple, such as Royal Worcester Viceroy Gold, or go all out with a heavier and fancier pattern like Lenox Monroe.

If you want to get the most out of your china collection, having patterns like these is a great place to start.

Lenox Federal Cobalt

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