Inspired Patterns

Many china patterns draw inspiration from European sources, but of course there are those that draw from elsewhere as well. Some draw from other places, and others simply draw from an idea of beauty. Herend’s Chinese Bouquet pattern makes it obvious where the inspiration is drawn from. Not only does the pattern have a strong attention to detail often seen in traditional Chinese pieces of art, but it also follows up with the pattern name, coming in many different colors just like a real bouquet. You can find these pattern in blue, green, raspberry, rust, and yellow.

A lot of patterns have a simple design, and Vera Wang Imperial Scroll is one such example. While it may be thought that simple is the same as plain, this pattern clearly proves that idea as wrong. It is a border based design with a gorgeous platinum detail that will make any table setting look amazing. Other patterns, such as Royal Crown Derby Old Imari aren’t as versatile as Imperial Scroll, but they deliver with their boldness for a strong and unique look.

Royal Crown Derby Old Imari

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