Choosing By Pattern Names

If you want to start a china collection or add some more pieces to a collection you’ve already started, but you don’t know which pattern to get, why not find one that shares your name? With so many patterns that have already been made, patterns currently in production, and patterns planned for the future, you’ll likely be able to find one that matches you. Of course, you can buy patterns even if they don’t share your name. As long as you really like the style, then you’ve found a good match.

For example, take Waterford Kelsey Platinum. A great gift for those named Kelsey, it’s also perfect for anybody who has a lot of class with a hint of pizzazz. If you want a pattern that sparkles beautifully in the light and is perfect for any party, then the criss-cross cut Kelsey with it’s platinum trim is a great choice.

Patterns like Waterford Laurel and Lenox Erica will be good if you want a set that is extremely versatile. Good for both formal and informal occasions, these can beautify any table and their quality is sure to impress. Not all patterns will be so neutral, though, and for those who want something a little more bold and specific, the Gien Raphael pattern is a perfect choice with its colorful border design.

Gien Raphael

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