Crystal Details

If you’re new to picking out crystal, it might seem like all of your options are all nothing more than clear glasses. While the majority of crystal patterns are indeed clear, the beauty is found in the details of the different pieces. For example, take a look at the shape of the clear Fostoria Navarre pattern. The bowls of the glasses are shaped almost like a bell. This is a similar shape as Wedgwood Monarch, with the difference being that Monarch has more straight and geometric cuts and Navarre has an elaborate floral design. It’s this small difference in details that can really have an impact on a table setting.

Waterford Araglin is another pattern that has more straight lines and cuts to it, though the bowl is more rounded. Compare this with Waterford Ballymore, also with a rounded bowl, sharing a multi-sided stem and sunburst cut on the foot. Though they are very similar, Araglin has more diagonal cuts and Ballymore has more vertical cuts. Once again, it’s the small details that make the difference. You can use these subtleties to make the perfect match between crystal, china, and flatware.

Fostoria Navarre – Clear

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