Patterns for Early Autumn

Summer is often a happy season largely because of the warm weather. Not only does the sun feel great on our skin, but being outside also allows us to participate in a wide range of activities not often seen in the colder months. For many people, one activity includes gardening. Some may be sad to see the warmth on its way out, and others may be happy for the cooler days to start rolling in, but one thing is sure: if you’ve been planting over the summer, then the end of the season means it is harvest time.

Why not celebrate the harvest with some matching china? Whether you garden or not, making the best out of the seasons is sure to help us enjoy them and our lives much more. Bring that joy to your table with some harvest-themed patterns, such as Villeroy & Boch Basket. This cheery pattern hosts a barrel of colorful fruits and can help you feel like you’re eating at a picnic even when you are indoors. Or, if you are more interested in celebrating with flowers, the floral rings on Royal Doulton Pastorale pieces are perfect for you. For those who are ready to embrace Autumn in full swing, following the fall color palette is always a good idea. Enjoy the season’s finest shades with Spode Buttercup as the newest member of your beautiful collection.

Villeroy & Boch Basket

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