Matching Different Patterns

When it comes to making a collection, it is easy to pick out individual china, crystal, or flatware patterns that you like, but if you’ve got one, you will surely want it to work well with the others! Making those matches is easy if you can find something similar between your items, though. For example, take a look at Noritake Silver Palace. It has a beautiful curved and textured floral pattern that combines for a soft and graceful look. Compare this with the delicate details and matte finish found on the Waterford Carina Matte pieces. Though they are not exactly the same pattern, they are similar enough visually that they compliment each other very well.

If you want to build your collection but are hoping for a more eclectic appearance, you could always try mixing and matching your pieces instead of using items from the same pattern. For example, if you love bringing that extra touch of nature into your table setting, then perhaps you are drawn to china patterns with colorful floral motifs. While Dansk Eden and Lenox Temple Blossom obviously aren’t the same pattern or even from the same company, they share that same vibrant color selection and floral whimsy. Mixing and matching your pieces is a good option for those who can’t choose just one pattern.

Lenox Temple Blossom

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