Beauty in Bloom

While some patterns focus on achieving a strong, grounded, bold look, others focus on attaining a softer and more fluid beauty. Instead of hard lines, geometric patterns, and structured designs, we can often find gorgeous inspiration from nature. Not all of these have to be bursting at the seams with flora and fauna, though. If you prefer more of a simple beauty, you may enjoy taking a look at Waterford Lismore Platinum or Lismore Gold, as both feature an embossed rim with a curved template.

If, on the other hand, you are someone who enjoys that strong, bold look but with a softer influence, then Spode Fitzhugh Red is the pattern for you. Right away, it’s vibrant red color catches the eye and attention is kept through its gorgeous details. With a scalloped band, intricate florals, and hint of Chinese influence, this is truly a pattern that is hard to ignore.

Of course, getting just the right balance between these two extremes is ideal for many people. If you like a cool, laid back, and refined look such as Lismore Platinum, then the beautiful Dansk Eden set could be perfect for you with it’s calm color palette and soothing plant-like design. Of course, for those more interested in warmer colors, Aynsley Pembroke Gold is a token example of just how much beauty a classic floral pattern can bring to your table and collection.

Aynsley Pembroke Gold

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