Spode in Charge

We may not all be royalty, of course, but that certainly doesn’t mean we can’t have a more regal taste. If you consider yourself someone who fits this description, having a fancy for outstanding pieces with an air of strength and beauty, then perhaps investigating some patterns by Spode will be a good idea. With a history dating back to 1767 and a headquarters in England, Spode certainly has had a successful run.

First, feast your eyes on the Colonel Blue Gold pattern with its scalloped edge and blue floral border. The gold comes in the form of a gorgeous trim, adding a lovely balance to the pieces and that extra special touch to finish it off. Though this pattern is no longer being manufactured, it had a very successful run of around 47 years! If you can manage to get ahold of it, it will definitely add lots of beauty and value to your collection.

Another pattern with a similar scalloped shape is Fleur de Lys Grey. As the name suggests, this pattern features a series of repeating fleur de lys symbols. Throughout history, the fleur de lys has been used in religious, political, and military settings. This stylized lily pattern is different than Colonel Blue Gold not only because of its stricter and more organized design, but also because the pieces are made of bone and have a platinum trim instead of gold. If it is the gold that you fancy so much, though, perhaps you should see Knightsbridge, which, like its name, has the air of a royal knight. This pattern has a deep blue band around the outside surrounded by gold trim and details. A series of golden scrolls and dots, with use of the imagination, can actually appear similar to small crowns, perfectly crafted and ready to serve your table.

Spode Colonel Blue Gold

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